Reverse prejudice is not the answer

Breastfeeding lessons for blacks only0001

I could never understand prejudice; I mean, how can you hate (yes, many hate) those whom you’ve never met, or have only seen. Okay, I figure people don’t like black people because they are jealous. Think about it; many have such beautiful skin tone (hence, black is beautiful.) And when I see someone with really dark skin, wearing a deep red or deep yellow shirt, they look amazing.

We who are white as a goat (as Archie Bunker used to say) must sit outside for a long time just to be a little brown. We must wear suntan lotion, and if we go swimming, must make sure it won’t harm marine life. If it comes off, and we forget to put on more, we risk skin cancer. Now that’s not to say people who have black skin don’t also tan or in the case of one of the captain of my husband’s soccer team, get burned. Yes, but his skin is a lighter shade of brown, and he got quite burned when he went home to St. Lucia (lucky devil.)

I guess many think all black people are shiftless, lazy, ignorant, in gangs, and all the other stereotypical B.S. Like all white people are energetic, hardworking, honest, honourable and just good all around. Again, B.S

Prejudice also comes from long-time erroneous beliefs about certain people. My neighbour and I were conversing on the phone and I don’t recall how the subject came up, but he began deriding Jews. He said they’re all cheap and all rich. Well, I dared not tell him I’m Jewish, and I’m sure he’d be shocked, as I’m sure as hell not rich, and I’m not at all cheap, as proven when my husband and I go on vacation and bring him back gifts as our way of thanking him for watching our home, taking in our mail, newspapers, etc. He might say I’m the exception, but hey, if there’s even one exception, then there’s likely a helluva lot more where they came from.

As for other cultures and the erroneous beliefs that they are all the same, i.e., the Irish are drunks, the Italians are mobbed up, and oh, when I first came to Canada there were a lot of Newfie jokes, you know, they’re like blonde jokes, all duh. So I wondered about these people, not that I believed the jokes, but wondered what people from Newfoundland were like. Having now been in Canada for over 45 years I have been fortunate enough to have met some people from there, and I’ve yet to meet anyone from Newfoundland who wasn’t warm, bright, sociable and eager to be friends. And as for blondes, well really, thinking that just because someone has a certain hair colour they all have certain and the same attributes, either positive or negative is just, truly, moronic. So all those with red hair have fiery tempers, but I’ve never heard any stereotypes about those with brown, black or grey hair. And overweight people are not always jolly, in fact, while many are eager to please and must try harder at places of business as they are perceived also to be lazy and slovenly, again, B.S.

The thing about prejudice is that it’s hard for people who are experiencing those biases to unlearn that which they’ve been brainwashed to believe, often since childhood, from parents, other adults and then other children. My brother was called The Yid Kid, and beaten up just for being Jewish. And I know many of other religions and ethnicity are also treated badly for that over which they have no control. I mean, while it’s true overweight people can lose weight, though often not with ease or permanence, and people can change their religious believes, how does a person who is brown or black change their skin colour? And why would or should they want to? How did it ever come to be that the white people in much of the world hold all the cards? Think about when white explorers wanted to settle in places they ‘discovered.’ They just moved or killed those who had lived there for their entire lives, having to leave their homes, dying while walking barefooted in the snow to regions unknown, often being evicted from their new homes. Inuit people had their children taken away and denied their birthright and heritage, like it was something to be ashamed of. Those who should have been ashamed are those who thought this was okay. Well, it wasn’t then, and it’s still not.
But I also notice something equally unacceptable as prejudice, and that’s reverse prejudice. I gleaned a poster on a nearby pole which invited ‘black’ women who wished to learn about breastfeeding. Now, imagine if that poster invited only ‘white’ women; the outrage would be front page news for sure. Well, this poster was just as unacceptable; I mean, people who have experienced prejudice should not feel that those who were so ignorant and evil ought to know first-hand how it feels. I would have hoped those who were the sufferers of this would know better, but it certainly appears that is not the case.

So next time you decided you don’t like someone based on their tenets, colour or body size, how about speaking with the person and then judge not, lest ye be judged. And remember; the sins of our forefathers should not be visited upon those of us who live today, unless still being practiced and believed in today, in which case, it’s time to unlearn that which was taken as fact.

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Having trouble letting go?

When people meet and fall in love,
There’s many reasons why.
And when that love is new, that’s when,
Both parties really try.
As they get to know each other,
Peccadillos seem to appear.
If too many surface a little too soon,
It can tug at sweet Cupid’s spear.
Can he handle when she’s too oft drunk,
Can she forgive his running around?
And if there’s no communication,
Love soon may run aground.
Sometimes people change too much
Thus couples grow apart.
But they can work through many things,
If they listen with their heart.
But love and egos are so fragile,
They can shatter just like glass.
When people enable bad behaviour,
By always giving loved ones a pass.
This leads to insecurity,
anger, guilt and fear,
maybe it brings back memories of
abandonments of yesteryear.
And so these couples cling on to
The good times they once had.
Feeling that being alone is worse
Than a relationship gone bad.
The enablers blame themselves for this,
And the enabled ones opportunely agree.
Neither party can move forward,
As they can’t see the forest for the trees.
So ask yourself some pointed questions,
Like how often do you make each other laugh,
Do you still support one another,
walking side by side down life’s path?
When thinking about your years together,
What stands out more, good times or bad?
Do you remember only great times while,
Your partner feels you’re driving them mad.
They focus solely on the past,
Leaving both of you oh, so sad.
You forgive them continually.
As you had hoped your love, now dead,
Would somehow be all that you need,
Thinking only with your heart, not your head.
Hold on to those memories,
but let go of the person they’ve become,
You each deserve to find love again,
And waken your hearts now gone numb.




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Sexual harassment, or…

I’d like to give my reasons for not liking or wishing to partake of the #metoo movement. What started, as with so many other movements, as a forum for survivors of sexual abuse has turned into not only a witch hunt, but too often a complete distortion of exactly what it means to be a sexually abusive person. Actually, rather than begin with what is not sexual abuse or harassment, one who tells a non-offensive, innocent and slightly dirty joke. I’ll give an example of one and how a person in power used that power to totally over-react. I worked for several months at a company, everything was going well, and one day my female boss and another female were standing chatting, when I thought I’d make them laugh. So here goes: The Brits have a thing in which they say, when coming upon something unexpected, they’ll say “’allo, ‘allo, ‘allow.” So I told them about a bloke who came home one day to find his wife in bed with three blokes, to which he said ‘allo, ‘allo, ‘allo? His wife responded with “aren’t you going to say ‘allo to me?

Yeah, filthy, right? Now if you honestly think this is a case of sexual harassment, well, you, reader, are part of the problem. I told this when only we three ladies were there, I didn’t use any profanity. Well, the next day I was unemployed! Yes, this was cause for them to dismiss me. No, taking me aside and saying she thought it inappropriate, just don’t come back. I do not consider this a case worth putting someone out of work, I consider this an abuse of power. For me, it was just a temp job, and there were many more to follow, but for those in high level positions, actors, musicians, writers, politicians, etc., we all know the cost, to their livelihood, their reputation; the cost is very, very high. So before someone “outs” a person for something as heinous as being a sexual predator or being guilty of sexual harassment, maybe people need to take a stop back. I can only imagine what she told my co-workers as to why I was no longer there. She may have told them that I told a very, dirty, filthy joke which she couldn’t repeat; imaginations would have run amok. I’m only thankful she didn’t escalate it such that my career as a temp would have been ruined.

Here’s a story which hopefully will help to put things into prospective as to just how out-of-hand things have gotten: A lady and her husband were having a discussion with their daughter, who is in her mid-teens. So they asked her; if she was wearing a pretty new outfit, and a co-worker told her she looked nice, is that sexual harassment? She actually said yes, as did she when asked if a fellow student told her she looked nice. She added it was totally inappropriate. I think you know where this is going; if people don’t know what it is to be sexually harassed, then it needs to be explained. Another example, and this is going back about 30 years. I worked at a call centre, and my manager was in his early 20’s. He was always looking me up and down, trying to get me alone, etc. I told my immediate supervisor, a male in his late teens or very early 20’s, with whom my manager was quite friendly. Well, he told everyone there, and they were all laughing about it. So, as this was getting me nowhere fast, I decided to just avoid being alone w/ this creep. Then one afternoon as I was preparing to leave, he got me alone and, looking me up and down, asked how much I wanted my job. Well, people, not that much. I never went back.

Let’s be honest, ladies, don’t we choose clothing which will make us look nice, don’t we style our hair, and don’t many put on make-up, nail polish, etc.? So if no-one says we look nice, don’t we feel a bit hurt and think maybe we really don’t look that nice after all? I know I’m a woman, so maybe when I tell someone they look nice, or I like their earrings, whatever, it’s not offensive; but does that mean if I was a male, I’d be reported for being ‘inappropriate’? And with all those coming out of the closet, what if someone to whom I give a compliment mistakes me for being a lesbian, trying to hit on her or sexually harassing her?

So, how about we get back to reality and stop diminishing the pain and suffering which REAL victims of sexual abuse and/or harassment have had to live with. Like being a survivor of incest, or rape, or being threatened with dismissal if the person doesn’t acquiesce. This whole movement is completely out of control, and all one needs to do is point a finger, and that person’s life, family and career are over, regardless of the fact the whole allegation may be entirely fabricated, or embellished to make it seem serious where it’s not.

I don’t like living in a world where people are becoming so sensitive that a joke or a compliment are considered and treated as being as brutal as rape, incest, and real harassment.

I think it’s time for some perspective, and to be very thankful if you are one of these ‘sensitive’ people, that you have never experience true sexual interference. You clearly have no idea what it’s really like, so kindly take your indignation and imagination and save it for something real.

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TTC – Take The Car, Take The Cab – or, The better way, if you have all day!

TTC – Take The Car, Take The Cab – or, The better way, if you have all day!

Well, election time is fast approaching, and there are so many who need to go, I’ve run out of fingers and toes.

One major reason I’d like to see Mr. Tory go is his obsession with the Toronto Transit Commission, or TTC.  He is giving and has given much too much power to TTC, and of course, as the saying goes, absolute power corrupts absolutely. So now that TTC has taken over King Street, and rather than doing something logical like making it left turn only during certain hours and never on weekends, he is putting stores, restaurants, etc. out of business. TTC has also appropriated a little laneway which was used so that pedestrians could safely walk from Barrington Avenue to Main St., and of course, Main subway. Now that this is no longer available, pedestrians must squeeze to either to allow vehicles to drive from Main to Barrington. As this space is very narrow, it is a one-way going east. This is an accident waiting to happen. Also, there’s another alley on the other side of the subway, and for some insane reason, and please note it too is very narrow and thus one-way, it also runs from Main to Barrington heading east. Now, why the heck wouldn’t one of these be heading west?

Also, as TTC drivers have been so empowered, many don’t give a damn about the dangers when pulling out of the subway stations. I have nearly been hit numerous times as they don’t care who gets hurt, who has the right-of-way, they just figure they’re bigger than we in cars, and it’s up to us to stop. One day I was on Wellesley, and a bus was exiting from a side street, and as I didn’t have any stop signs, one would think they would not exit until all lanes were clear. Not so! This a-hole just kept coming, and I had to slam on my brakes, and thankfully there wasn’t anyone behind me, or this would have been quite the accident. Of course, it’s not likely this driver would be taken to task had he caused a serious accident; he’d likely get his wrist slapped, and that would be the end of it…except for we who got creamed!

Another thing about TTC is how they cannot seem to reach the speed limit, regardless of how low it is. On the street on which we live, the speed limit has been reduced from 50 K to 40K. And danged if these morons can reach 40. Some days, they barely do 30. Just to put this in perspective, I’d like to show what these speeds (?) are in miles…ready? 50 K is 31 mph, 40 K is 24 mph and 30 K is 18 mph. So a bus driver who cannot reach 24 mph shouldn’t even be driving, as it is dangerous. Oh, how can going too slow be dangerous, as for sure, only those speeding are a hazard? Well, how about when busses go so slow, people try to get around them, and this means sometimes crossing solid lines and driving in the opposite lane.

Another thing about bus drivers is their inability to signal correctly. When they pull over and plan to stay for several minutes, they often either don’t use any signal or use a right turn signal. Whatever happened to using the hazard lights? Isn’t that what they are for; for when one stops and doesn’t plan to proceed so that oncoming traffic is aware and can safely go around? Many don’t signal at corners either, so when they come upon an intersection and can only go right or left, it would be nice not to have to guess.

I would also like to see the last of these most annoying, cumbersome and some are at least the length easily of 4 cars. So, when they proceed (slowly) once the light has turned green, precious few cars can also take advantage of that light. But, worst of all, when on a two lane street, where there are parked cars in the right lane, and the streetcar dies, no-one is going anywhere, for a very, VERY long time. We experienced this once when coming out of the theatre, and we needed to drive in the direction of the stalled streetcar. We then had to drive in the opposite direction so we could go to another street and get turned around. And if driving behind one of these behemoths, the only way to get around it is to be in the right lane where there isn’t a parked car and hope there aren’t on the other side of the intersection so you can race to get in front. But, often cars are stopped while the streetcar takes on and lets off passengers, so if the light changes too soon, it will be too late.  Then there’s the issue of how slick streetcar tracks are when wet. My husband realized that first hand one day when biking to work. He came upon a wet track at a bad angle, and down he went.

And heaven forbid one wishes to speak with the driver of a streetcar; good luck as they are totally surrounded by plastic barriers, and trying to get the driver to hear you is neigh on to impossible.

Now about the subways; first, Toronto is supposed to be a world class city, yet TTC still thinks the blue law is in effect, thus they don’t open till 9 a.m. on Sundays. How frustrating this is for those who have to be at work early, or anyone else who needs to be somewhere before that time. And while I realize they must stick to a strict schedule, I again can’t count how many times, people haven’t even finished getting off the train, thus no-one has begun to board, and the doors begin closing. Then they announce that we must clear the doorway. Well, obviously there aren’t enough trains for all those wishing to ride, or we wouldn’t have to stuff them so people can get to where they’re going in a timely manner. Gee, maybe if they didn’t take so blasted long at, for instance, Coxwell station, changing drivers, chatting up a storm, they could allow a few extra seconds to let everyone on and off before closing the doors on people. Once, my dog was on one side of the doors, and I on the other, and damned if he would stop, so I had to pry open the doors. I read of an incident where this happened and it didn’t end well for the poor dog. I hope that rat bastard of a driver gets his, and I don’t just mean from TTC.

So it seems rather obvious that this “honour” that saw TTC named as Best Public Transit System in North America is a joke, as are all those ridiculous polls which the media keeps quoting that over 60% of riders are satisfied w/ TTC. Now, either those polled didn’t speak either of Canada’s official languages and didn’t understand the question, or those polled all had relatives working to TTC, as well as Tory’s cronies.

If TTC was a movie, they’d surely get 10 rotten tomatoes!


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When humans are bad, they are unjustly said to be behaving like animals

I agree that a snake is not the nicest of animals, but when a human is devious, this is the animal whose character they are most closely compared, as in being referred to as a snake-in-the-grass. When one is sly, they are said to be foxy, but when one is pretending to be crazy, they are said to be crazy like a fox, meaning of course, they’re quite the opposite. When one is gluttonous, they are called pigs. Well, pigs don’t eat excessively, as when a human is said to “pig-out.” If someone is a poor housekeeper, or slops food onto their clothing, they are called pigs, and if overweight, they are fat pigs. And when someone takes more than their fair share, and is said to be hogging all the food, or in another reference, hogging the blankets or the conversation. All of these are unfair as none of these attributes if you can call it that, are true of these lovely animals. When a woman who had a pig for a pet, was interviewed, she told how her pig was cleaner than either her dog or her husband!

When someone slinks around trying to pick up a one-night-stand, they are catting around or that they have the morals (or lack thereof) of an alley-cat. When they cheat on their mate, and sleep with multiple partners, they are called dogs or mongrels. The last one is also used when referring to one of mixed heritage. If one stands all day, then their “dogs” are hurting, but why feel equate to dogs is anyone’s guess, and how one can be dog-tired when I know our dogs sleep most of the day is also confusing.

Some references aren’t meant as nasty, like a shy person being sheepish, or when one is said that they would eat anything, thus they eat like a goat. But when one is overweight, they are often called an elephant, a rhino, or they’re called a fat cow, or if they eat constantly, they are said to eat like a horse.

I am uncertain how strong the next animal is, but when a human shows great strength, they are said to be as strong as an ox. Of course, if a person is targeted and unable to defend themselves, they are called lame or sitting ducks. If one is not in their right mind, they are told they are cuckoo, like the bird, and if they’ve got some crazy notions, they’re just plain squirrelly. But of course if they’re lives are going quite well, then everything is just ducky. But if they aren’t particularly intelligent, they are said to be a bird-brain.

What others? Well, a woman who only wants to be with much younger men is a cougar, a person who is active during sex is a tiger, one in a bad mood is a bear and if you must confront this person, it’s akin to bearding a lion is his den. And when that person gets angry and yells, he’s roaring like a lion. And if the female is possessive, she’s guarding her possessions or young as does a lioness.

If afraid, one is chicken, if silly, they’re as silly as a goose, but if they do something duh, they’re called a turkey. Is someone saying you’re as slow as a turtle or a snail, and the lack of energy makes one as lazy as a sloth, feeling “slug”ish?

Does someone copy what you say and do? Then they’re aping your behaviour. Some would say it’s a case of monkey-see, monkey-do. And if they like to have fun, well, they’re just monkeying around, and aren’t having as much fun as a barrel of monkeys? Although, truth be told, I once saw about six or so chickens in a barrel, and I can guarantee they were not having fun. Why, they were crammed in so tight, they felt like sardines. And if a man is under his the thumb of his wife, well, he’s of course henpecked! But he’d better not divorce her else she’ll bleed him by sucking him dry like a vampire bat.

Does someone you know walk a little off-kilter? Well, they’re of course Pidgeon-toed. Unless they waddle; then they’re walking like a duck, which is nothing to crow about. And everyone knows a bad doctor is a quack. He’s certainly not as wise as an owl which is a shame as he’s/she’s the only one who can prescribe something for that frog in your throat…rivvet!

Do these terms bug you? Or do you think a loved one is as cute as a bug’s ear? I’ve never even seen a bug’s ear, nor did I think they had actual ears. So pull the covers up real tight so you can be as snug as a bug in a rug.

And who could forget when good-ole George Jefferson feared his grand-child, who had grandparents of a mixed marriage, a black grandmother and white grandfather, would look like a zebra?

A young lass is sometimes called a filly, whereas when one is said to be acting like an old fuddy-duddy, they are often called an old coot. And when really crotchety, they’re acting like the old gray mare and should be put out to pasture. A better word for these people is ogre, unless they are really only a bit grumpy and really an old softy, in which case they may be referred to as curmudgeons. Of course, when told they are now too old to drive, getting people to give up their keys makes them become as stubborn as a mule. they are referred to as

Were you ever asked if you did something by accident, or was it truly on porpoise? If you see someone who is follicley challenged, they’re likely said to be as bald as an eagle, and if they’re not wearing any clothing, they must be buck-naked, or as naked as a blue jay. They’d better make a run for it, and hope they’re as quick as a jack rabbit, or as speedy as a jaguar.  If they don’t get caught, they’ll be laughing like a hyena, as they had enough good old horse sense not to be seen.  Of course, he could pretend no-one sees him as he’s the type to always bury his head in the sand like an ostrich. He’ll also do that when people make fun of his overbite, as he looks like a chipmunk. They shouldn’t make fun of him, though they say they’re just horsing around. But if taken seriously and called out, they might decide to settle things in the ring, and hope they’ll win by floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee, as the late, great Cassius Clay, better known as Mohammad Ali used to say. And the winner will be as happy as a lark, swanning around, proud as a peacock. And a British term for one such as this is to say he thinks he’s “cock of the walk.” In this instance, however, they are referencing a rooster.

When it comes to being in a fight, one must beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, especially as some are said to use guerilla war-fare, though the meaning is often taken to be more like the actual gorilla, but as we all know, only humans go to war.  And only humans kill for sport, or to settle an argument, to get even, or because they are monsters. And that is why it makes me so angry when humans do things which are heinous, and are referred to as animals. No, they are not animals; animals kill for either food, to protect their family, when in heat and fighting for the right to mate with a particular female of their species, or self-defence when attacked by a predator.

And that is why I wrote this blog; we too often use analogies when acting badly, and it’s most unfair to do so, as quadrupedal animals don’t display the kinds of horrid behaviours as do humans. But the worst is when a person commits the most horrid, despicable acts unto the innocent and defenceless, such as genital mutilation on girls, some as young as one year of age, or rape, especially as done by the likes of Bill Cosby by drugging the person, or being a murderer, especially the murder of children. These acts are not perpetrated by animals either literally or figuratively. They are committed by monsters, so kindly remember when a human does any of the abhorrent things mentioned above; they are not acting as do quadrupedal animals, they are acting as the most amoral, deplorable, vicious monsters only a human could ever be, and while they are often acts which are venomous, as they are poisonous to so-called civilized society, they are still, none the less, MONSTERS!!!!



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The other day I was on the phone with a gentleman, and he had some questions, one of which was about my “partner.” Now, I understand some people are together without benefit of actually taking/making vows, and some as they are of the same sex, don’t call each other husband and wife, but use the generic term partner. I have absolutely no problem with that; what I do have a problem with is when I and others who are heterosexual are expected to use a term which is deemed politically correct (God, I despise that term) and stop saying we are husband and wife. Well, I refuse, and after the third time he referred to Greg as my partner, I let him have it. I said I hate political correctness, so stop trying to be so, as I am proud to say I am married, and that I have a husband, and kindly refer to him as such. I guess he was taken aback, as he didn’t use any term thereafter.

So I put it to you; whatever happened to Majority Rules? I know, political correctness forces us (or tries) to use terms which won’t offend the few, regardless of how much it offends the many. Well, folks, I am one of the many, and therefore I want the following words placed back into our everyday vernacular, and let the few deal with it. If one is gay, and married, they can say so and I’ll happily call their mate their partner. But from here on in, these words are no longer on my delete list, and I hope you will agree and stop kowtowing to those who would have the masses cower at the very thought of insulting the majority of the minority who truly don’t give a toss. It’s only those who are militant who whine and protest the loudest and thus make everyone shiver their timbers with fear that they will be deemed prejudice for not using the new terminology which has all but taken over our vocabulary. So, here goes:

Heroine – yes, a female term for those who are heroic

Actress – there are those who are thespians – There is a game show from the ‘80’s, long before this political correctness crap came to be, and the contestants must guess the name of a series, character or what this jerk calls (you ready?) a female actor. Really????? What a schmuck!

Airline host and hostess

Airline steward and stewardess

Villainess – yes, even women can be rotten, and not because they had their pretty little delicate arm twisted by a mean old man, or because they were afraid of a mean old man or because they wished to declare their devotion and undying love for this man by doing as he asked/demanded – yes folks, women can be depraved all on their own. A case in point is that Paul Benardo was a vicious rapist, but not until he met Karla Homolka did he kidnap, torture and murder young girls – that was on her, starting with her own sister whom she offered up to him by getting her drunk and giving her to him to do with what he wished; sadly, this poor girl was so drunk/drugged she choked to death on her own vomit. So, in this case, Mr. Bernardo is a Murderer, and the former Mrs. Bernardo, aka Homolka is a Murderess.

Manhole – yes, women’s lippers, uh, libbers demanded this word be changed to drain hole or utility hole covers, as they deemed it a sexist term. Hey, geniuses, how about actually knowing what the hell you’re talking about before decrying such nonsense and stupidity. For your further edification, the term is simply short for maintenance cover; no gender is being used or preferred, but heaven forbid anyone should actually find out the reality of this term and enlighten them, no, better just to surrender and capitulate instead of pointing out that they are simply, uh, what’s the word, WRONG, STUPID, LOOKING FOR ANYTHING TO CLUTCH ONTO IN ORDER TO CALL PEOPLE SEXIST!!!

And here’s an oldie but goodie; as I said, I am married, yes, proudly and happily, as a woman to a man, and as such, I want, nay, insist on being called MRS. I was not ashamed that, until I was 33, I was a MISS. So, just because men are always Mr., regardless of whether or not they are married, you know what? Deal with it! If you as an individual are not happy with your marital status, then you have the option of asking to be referred to as Ms (and there is no period as it is not a short form nor is it an acronym, it is simple M S, end of!

Sadly, I have a feeling more men will concur with my arguments than will women, but I’m tired of the minority ruling; it’s b.s. What’s next, female bull instead of cow? Well, if that’s what you want, then I say this is FEMALE BULLSHIT! And if there are any other words which you can recall as being dropped in favour of generic terminology, please add them to the list and resume using them in your everyday conversations. Heck, I’m actually shocked they’ve allowed the show Madame Secretary to use that sexist word; shouldn’t it be Non-Sexualized Person Secretary?

Okay, you think I’m going overboard; well, now they want to give prospective parents the option of having non-gender used on birth certificates. My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that, when a person reaches an age whereby they feel the gender which they have been assigned by virtue of their having either a penis or a vagina, does not jive with the sex (or lack thereof) with which they most identify, that must; I’ll say it again, MUST be the one to decide that for themselves. If a parent wishes to introduce toys to their child which would normally be deemed a toy for a girl or boy, so be it, and let the child decide for themselves. But can you imagine how screwed up you would be if you were raised as neither a male or a female? We are human beings, we come in two sexes, full stop! If, inside a person feels otherwise, and let’s face it, this is again a case of minority trying to rule, then, and only then, should anything be done about it. And even then, they need to be counselled by a professional, in fact, more than one, before having bits cut off or replaced. The way it is now, say for instance, a male feels more like a female; before any surgery, they are told to be a female in every way possible, to see what it is really like to be that sex. This is a very serious, permanent, most likely irreversible and personal decision which is one which must be made by said person, and only by that person. To insist on raising a person without allowing them to be who they are (I give it this test; when I close my eyes, do I feel, like and expect upon seeing my reflection in the mirror that the image will be that of a female or male? I understand there are those who, though they are one sex, determined by the equipment with which they were born, that this is not who they feel they are. And once they have gone through a battery of tests, psychological analyses and living as the other sex for a time determined by those who make the decision as to whether or not the surgery is the only option, then and only then should they have their gender altered. This must not be decided by parents, friends, lovers, psychiatrists or anyone other than the person him/herself.

Just think about puberty, and how confusing it was even though you knew what your gender was. They may or may not have taught this in your school, about what happens when a girl reaches puberty as opposed to when does a boy, the changes one’s body goes through, not to mention particular illnesses connected with one’s gender. If we become a race of non-gender humans, I would think this would be very daunting, among other issues future generations will face.

As for gender-neutral washrooms, in one way it’s great, as  they is often bullying in washrooms, especially in schools, but in another, the loss of numbers in how many washrooms will soon be available is of concern. Have you ever gone to a concert or sporting event? The line-ups at the ladies’ washrooms are insane, whereas the men’s is often minimal, and as for bullying in the men’s room, there’s an easy solution; go into a stall. I’ve always wondered why it is believed men have no qualms about doing their business in public; I have spoken with some and they do feel it’s not right. So if the only way to avoid this bullying is by having much fewer washrooms, how about having all three; men’s, women’s and the kind where it’s built for one person; this is also good for those who wish to make adjustments to their clothing, or wish privacy if not feeling well.

In closing, we were created in two sexes, males and females, and no-one has to the right to tell us we must be a certain way, or we cannot be a certain way. No-one has the right to say females are inferior, or that only whores are meant to have enjoy sex, or that males are superior, or that females must be covered up for not to do so is to ask men to rape them (those who believe this crap are predators.) We are born free, we are born with a gender, and we are meant to be free, to choose who we are, who we wish to be, and anyone who feels they have the right to decide this for us or deny us this right can go to the devil.



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A rose by any other name….

Why, when a business is under new ownership, do they change the name? I could see if the business was doing poorly and they don’t want a bad reputation to keep away customers, but here are some examples of name changes which were not only idiotic, but most people continue to refer to these businesses by their former name: Now The Roger’s Centre, we Torontonians will forever call it the Skydome. They could have at least called it Roger’s Skydome, but no, they had to disassociate themselves from what cost tax payers millions of dollars to build, and while they paid mere peanuts to purchase the edifice, they refused to keep the name. Well, Rogers, you will never get me to call it anything but Skydome!

Another staple is at Ontario Place; to me, it will always be the Ontario Place Forum, NOT The Molson Amphitheatre. And they stopped having the stage revolve so it’s not even worth bothering with as far as I’m concerned. And they changed the name of this theatre as often as they can find a new buyer, but it will always be The O’Keefe Centre to me, as I’m sure it is for millions of others. Same goes for the Chick ‘N Deli, which by the way happens to be where my husband of nearly 24 years and I met on March 25, 1990. Honestly, I don’t even know what the name is at present, and as they were at least bright enough to keep the huge chicken on the roof of the establishment, it will forever be referred to as Chick ‘N Deli.

These decisions do not come cheap. Imagine all the business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and for businesses which still produce physical cheques to their employees and suppliers, these too must be changed, as well as the name for the bank account, and so on. Other changes must be made to the listing in the Yellow Pages, the post office, store signage, Google Maps, etc. That’s a lot of work, and often is just not worth it nor is it a good idea. Not to mention (but what the heck, I will anyway) monies spent on advertising campaigns to alert clientele of the change to the company name. How many millions of dollars were wasted when changing from Skydome to Roger’s Centre? And who do you suppose pays for these changes? You got it, Pontiac; you and I in raised costs at the box office, increased costs to vendors who in turn raise the prices of their wares.

Changes to names are not always measured in dollars, but in sense; common sense that is. I wonder if older people of colour are confused, as when they were very young, they referred to themselves as Negros. In the 60’s, the Black Panthers came to be, and told their brothers and sisters they should be proud to be Black and demanded to be referred to as such. Maybe some of you will remember the terms Black Power and Black is Beautiful. However, now these same people, regardless of their family’s origins and despite many never having originated from Africa, they are now all called African Canadians/African Americans. I rather resent this as not only are many not of African descent, but if these people are first, second and third generation Americans or Canadians, then they should forget their ancestry and how about saying Canadians or Americans, full stop? I don’t call myself Polish/Romanian/British/American Canadian, I call myself Canadian; end of! If someone is really interested in my heritage, I am happy to tell the where my ancestors are from, but I don’t feel the need to call myself anything but Canadian. Yes, I am proud of my roots, but I am just as proud if not more proud that I immigrated to Canada in 1973, and am now a Canadian citizen. As far as I’m concerned, that’s all that needs to be said.

Something else which bothers me are the High Definition channels which decide to rebrand the same old channels; for instance, at one time we had RUSH HD, which then became RadX, and is now BBC Earth. I don’t really care what they name or rename these channels, but I do resent them marketing it as though they are new channels, new ADDITIONAL channels, which they are not. The so-called new channels offer the same programming, so why the bother? Ever wonder why costs keep escalating on your Bell bill, or whatever television provider you are with? Well, here’s a perfect example of waste; do you really give a monkey’s if the channel you are watching is called Oasis or Love Nature (what a dopey name, I mean, all other channels have one-word names?) Personally all I care about is what channel the program I wish to watch or record on our PVR, not the name of the channel.

So, to sum up this blog, I repeat, name changes without a really good reason is a waste, and in many cases, the original name is what people remember and how many people, places and things will forever continue to refer. Surely there are better ways of spending money, and if these corporations have too much money on their hands, how about giving their employees a raise, or doing some team building to bring employees closer together, or donating some to a worthy cause; anything but wasting it. And as for the newly labeled people of colour, considering how many people gave their lives to proudly be called by this, I still believe Black is Beautiful!

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Customer Service

It’s rather sad that when we receive good or great customer service, we treat it as a rarity rather than what it should be; the norm. Too often those serving the public are curt, rude, dismissive, and even act annoyed that a customer actually wants them to, uh, do their job and assist the customer. I especially dislike when I cannot find an item, ask an employee for assistance and they point to an aisle and tell how far down to go, and if one is lucky, the person may even tell which side of the aisle.

This is most frustrating as often, I’ve already looked where they are pointing and what I need is for this person to take me to the item, not just point and sometimes act annoyed.

But I have had many good people in customer service and today was one of those rare and special occasions. I went into a small clothing store and was first greeted, then asked if I would like any assistance. I said I was just browsing and she didn’t harass me by trying to sell me whatever items the store was unable to get rid of. I came upon a circular rack with affordable Capri pants, and asked if they only came in extra-large sizes. I was also unsure of what sizes were as they were labeled using European sizing. The saleslady said she wasn’t sure and took a couple off the rack and saw they were very large sizes. I began to meander around the store when she came up to me w/ a pair of Capris and asked if I thought they were my size. I thanked her and asked if I could try them on.

I mention this as there was a clothing store in a local mall which had a sign stating people could not try on the clothing and all sales were final. Needless to say, they have since closed. In this instance, there was no question that I could try the pants on.
While in the dressing room, this lovely saleslady came to my change room and had brought two other sizes of these pants, and said in case the ones I have don’t fit, here are a couple of other sizes which I could try. As luck would have it, the original pair was too small, but the smaller of the two the lady brought was perfect.

As I was paying, she did ask if I needed a blouse to go with the Capris, and I said I have enough tops and she left it at that rather than trying to get me to buy something I didn’t need or want. I thanked her again for her service and for being such a thoughtful and helpful saleslady. She said it was her job, but that is the case for all CSR’s yet many don’t care about the customer and few go out of their way to be of such help. I really loath getting undressed, trying on an item only to find it’s the wrong size. I must of course, get dressed again, then go out and find the next size either up or down. Not having to do that today was a very rare and much appreciated treat.

This experience really perked up my day. Coincidentally, when I got off the bus to go home, the rain had stopped and the sun was peeking out. Maybe I should have bought a lottery ticket???

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To: Justin Trudeau

I’ve never done this before, but someone wrote something on FaceBook I liked so much, I’m posting it here:

Christiebiscuts Heinrich

March 13 at 2:53pm ·

As a life long Canadian Citizen, 2nd Generation of European Immigrants, born in, & lived in Canada my entire life, I wish to exercise my Right to Free Speech about the Well Being of MY Country. (I will attempt to be brief, but no guarantees! ) .

Re: Your comment “If Politicians & People are Uncomfortable with M103, let us engage in dialogue as a society…” .

Hmmm….FIRST, let me be very Clear—-Politicians do not come Before the People. We, The People, come FIRST! WHY? …because , We, The People of Canada, are YOUR EMPLOYERS! WE pay you to Protect us as a Nation, & to Manage our Assets & Resources. If YOU, & your team do not Perform those duties To Our Satisfaction—YOU WILL BE FIRED!.

SECOND: re ‘The Peoples’ Discomfort with M103…….

A—M103 DOES NOT conform to the Constitution Of Canada, with it’s basic Charter of Rights, M103 Does Not Include ALL Religions & Races….therefore is NOT LEGAL, & Can Not be allowed to address the supposed rights of only one Minority, without addressing those of ALL.

B—–Islam IS NOT A RELIGION. Islam is a Political Ideology using the Sham of Religion to ACHIEVE IT’S 1400 YEAR OLD GOAL: —–to Destroy & Conquer All Peoples & Religions that Do Not agree with it.

— It’s Barbaric methods are well known throughout History…and Modern day….Intimidate, control, Change, Rape, enslave, Murder, Mutilate, Torture….all methods Approved & Encouraged by their daily Prayers & Indoctrination of their people….starting with their own children learning with the mothers milk….Reducing women to “half human” status…..graduating to Violent jihadi Terrorists…..UNCOMFORTABLE? YES.

—-TODAY—Look closely at the current state of the countries in Western Europe & UK…..nearly destroyed by the continued “Invasion of Infidel Lands” as ordered by Mohammed in 700 AD….to continue the jihad against Jews & Christians until they are wiped from the earth with Violence & Hatred. Islam needs to learn to Control Itself Before it has the power to try to control anyone else.

Although You, Justin have converted to Islam, We, The People of Canada, DO NOT SEE Canada in the same vision that you see…..”through Your glass,….Darkly. ”

It appears that after only 17 months in office, that you Never had any Intention of Protection & Good Stewardship of The People, or Our Canada. ….you talk a lot, but Deliver Nothing.

I fully realize that I do not speak for All the People of Canada, …but…..I do know that a very large number of People Do Agree with me.

It may come as a shock to you that The Great Canadian Fringe is larger…& stronger than you imagined. You told us many times that Canadians have ‘No Identity”. WOW! …what arrogance!….did you not ever study History or Political Science? Obviously, only Drama Classes, eh? hmm……We, The people of Canada, can help with that!

For a very long time, Canadians have had a wonderful Reputation as great Peacekeepers. How did we grow that way? Yes, through diversity, & on the job. A Diversity that IS NOT our Strength, but the tools by which we Became Strong. And Strong we are. Strong in our Love for Canada. Strong in Patience, Kindness, Compassion, Generosity, Humility, Integrity, & GOOD CANADIAN (Judaeo Christian) VALUES.

But, now, on the Eve of Canada’s 150th Birthday… lieu of helping us to Celebrate our Strengths acquired from Peaceful Cultures across the planet, You would see us Destroyed by the only “religion’ on the planet that has vowed for 1400 years to kill or destroy, including all the Civilization & Evolution achieved by mankind in that 1400 years……SOLELY on the belief system of a Mentally deranged murdering pedophile & slaver from 700 AD, through the institution of Sharia Law…….a dictator’s system of abusing women & children, mutilation of women & girls to subdue them to sub human levels…a system of children & women as sex slaves solely for the pleasures of the males…

Since this Barbaric Cult has No Intention of Assimilating into any Western Democratic Culture, it would be in the best interests of ALL, that all who subscribe to sharia law Leave Now, voluntarily ……or, involuntarily…their choice. Those who choose to stay would be required to Swear an oath to follow all Canadian Laws within the Constitution, with *** the agreement that failure to do so, or, any intent to continue subversive activities,***** would be Deported forthwith.

14 year old girls in Nova Scotia, —Or Anywhere, are all God’s Treasures. They should never be used by Rape Gangs or sex toys. Since, You, Justin Trudeau, appear not to care about Anything bur your own Agenda, It is obvious that it would be in your own best interests to Resign as PM Now. To Dissolve Parliament Now, to preserve their & your small remaining amount of dignity.

There is no Integrity in the Liberal Party. Let it go, to rebuild itself into a party that truly cares More for The People, than itself… the Basic Rules of Canada’s Famous Peacekeeping Forces. !

“UNCOMFORTABLE”…….you bet your a— ! If you do not step up to the plate, & Be a Leader….(I am fond of Churchill, JFK, Donald Trump….), instead of a 60’s Hippie on pot, promoting Free everything..for those who vote for you. sad, really sad, for 2017; THEN YOU BETTER RESIGN NOW.

I have PURPOSEFULLY not addressed you as “Mr Prime Minister”, because I do not believe you have Earned that title….don’t know how?….start with Sir Winston Churchill.

**** NB—Amal Clooney, Human Rights Lawyer, Muslim, addressed the UN & said: *****”Isis Must be Destroyed”.***** Worth Believing.

We, The People of Canada, hired you. We, The People of Canada, CAN, & WILL Fire you.

Never, ever, in my wildest nightmares, did I ever think that I would spend my “golden years” fighting for the life of my Beautiful Canada….still the Best country in the world…..BUT, Someone has to make some changes. Who will it be? GOD, or Satan? Which one do YOU choose? (is the price of this beautiful land, plus your soul, enough, Justin, or will Satan want more from you?). your choice. GOD IS THE CHOICE OF THE PEOPLE OF CANADA. The Lord is Our shepherd, We shall not want…….



Maxine, of Alberta. *:) happy


Now I’d like to post what my husband postulated on his FB wall:

People are probably wondering why I am constantly railing against Islam. Like me, they know good people who happen to be Muslim. This is not in dispute.

So let’s play hypotheticals here. What if…

A Jihadists attacks you, unprovoked, and there is a moderate Muslim nearby. Will he aid you?

An Imam calls for your execution and puts a bounty on your head because you spoke the truth about your experience living as an Islamist? Will moderate Muslims protect you or report it to the police? Will the police do anything?

A jihadist threatens to kill you and your family, because you asked him to change the unsanitary lids he put on your coffees? Will the local police do anything? Will the RCMP take your statement?

And finally, what if the government in their zeal to make citizens more accepting of Muslims, has been suppressing ALL negative news about Islamists’ activities in your country?

Would this not be cause for alarm?

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It isn’t racism if it’s not a religion

There has been a lot of talk lately about Islam, so my husband decided to do some research w/ respect to the life of Mohammad, and the tenets of this so-called religion. So we looked up a chronicle of his life, which I’m copying and pasting so you may judge for yourself:

Timeline of Muhammad’s Life (A.D)
570 – Born in Mecca
576 – Orphaned upon death of mother
595 – Marries Kadijah – older, wealthy widow
610 – Reports first revelations at age of 40
619 – Protector uncle dies
622 – Emigrates from Mecca to Medina (the Hijra)
623 – Orders raids on Meccan caravans
624 – Battle of Badr (victory)
624 – Evicts Qaynuqa Jews from Medina
624 – Orders assassination of Abu Afak
624 – Orders assassination of Asma bint Marwan
624 – Orders the assassination of Ka’b al-Ashraf
625 – Battle of Uhud (defeat)
625 – Evicts Nadir Jews
627 – Battle of the Trench (victory)
627 – Massacre of the Qurayza Jews
628 – Signing of the Treaty of Hudaibiya with Mecca
628 – Destruction and subjugation of the Khaybar Jews
629 – Orders first raid into Christian lands at Muta (defeat)
630 – Conquers Mecca by surprise (along with other tribes)
631 – Leads second raid into Christian territory at Tabuk (no battle)
632 – Dies

This is what is written the bottom of the page:

“Muhammad is a narcissist, a pedophile, a mass murderer, a terrorist, a misogynist, a lecher, a cult leader, a madman a rapist, a torturer, an assassin and a looter.”

Former Muslim Ali Sina offered $50,000 to anyone who could prove this wrong based on Islamic texts. The reward has gone unclaimed

I don’t think it’s news to anyone how believers feel about women, gays, Jews, non-believers and people who are of any other faith.  My husband and I are all for freedom, regardless of race, colour, position in life or their station in life. But clearly, this is NOT a religion; it is a cult, pure and simple. To say there are peaceful Muslims is to say they do not follow the tenets of Islam, and as such should renounce Islam and loudly. But to say they are truly Islamic and are peaceful is like saying it is 100 degrees outside and it’s snowing; cannot happen, totally impossible. How can anyone claim to be peaceful when they pray to a monster such as Mohammad? How can someone say they believe in equal rights when the very clearly they don’t as women are seen as chattel, they believe being gay is a crime to be punished,  transgender people must be returned to the gender they were born and people who are non-believers must die. These people won’t be content until they’ve taken over the whole world and killed every last non-believer. Here is the link to the site from which I copied and pasted the above information:

One huge problem with those who consider themselves non-violent and condemning violence is the fear of being murdered. Another is how Muslims play on political correctness, thus anyone who speaks out against this cult (sorry, I cannot call this a religion as religion is rooted in love and peace, and Islam is rooted in hate and brutality) risks being murdered.

Here is a link to a man speaking out against Sharia Law, and I urge you to go to this link, turn on your speakers and hear what he has to say:

Even in Canada, Muslims are still circumcising young girls as they feel only whores need a clitoris. Why were woman made such that they can enjoy sex if it’s so wrong?  Muslims have such Hubris as to believe they know better than their creator.

This cult must be stopped, and we must cease calling it racism, and we must stop calling Islam a religion; it is a cult, it’s people indoctrinated from day one, they are EVIL and we must stop allowing these people to guilt-trip us into capitulating to their demands.

When people in the 1930’s tried to warn of Hitler’s malevolence, few listened. People are trying to get the word out about Islam, and as the old adage goes, “those who don’t learn from the past are destined to repeat it.”

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