It isn’t racism if it’s not a religion

There has been a lot of talk lately about Islam, so my husband decided to do some research w/ respect to the life of Mohammad, and the tenets of this so-called religion. So we looked up a chronicle of his life, which I’m copying and pasting so you may judge for yourself:

Timeline of Muhammad’s Life (A.D)
570 – Born in Mecca
576 – Orphaned upon death of mother
595 – Marries Kadijah – older, wealthy widow
610 – Reports first revelations at age of 40
619 – Protector uncle dies
622 – Emigrates from Mecca to Medina (the Hijra)
623 – Orders raids on Meccan caravans
624 – Battle of Badr (victory)
624 – Evicts Qaynuqa Jews from Medina
624 – Orders assassination of Abu Afak
624 – Orders assassination of Asma bint Marwan
624 – Orders the assassination of Ka’b al-Ashraf
625 – Battle of Uhud (defeat)
625 – Evicts Nadir Jews
627 – Battle of the Trench (victory)
627 – Massacre of the Qurayza Jews
628 – Signing of the Treaty of Hudaibiya with Mecca
628 – Destruction and subjugation of the Khaybar Jews
629 – Orders first raid into Christian lands at Muta (defeat)
630 – Conquers Mecca by surprise (along with other tribes)
631 – Leads second raid into Christian territory at Tabuk (no battle)
632 – Dies

This is what is written the bottom of the page:

“Muhammad is a narcissist, a pedophile, a mass murderer, a terrorist, a misogynist, a lecher, a cult leader, a madman a rapist, a torturer, an assassin and a looter.”

Former Muslim Ali Sina offered $50,000 to anyone who could prove this wrong based on Islamic texts. The reward has gone unclaimed

I don’t think it’s news to anyone how believers feel about women, gays, Jews, non-believers and people who are of any other faith.  My husband and I are all for freedom, regardless of race, colour, position in life or their station in life. But clearly, this is NOT a religion; it is a cult, pure and simple. To say there are peaceful Muslims is to say they do not follow the tenets of Islam, and as such should renounce Islam and loudly. But to say they are truly Islamic and are peaceful is like saying it is 100 degrees outside and it’s snowing; cannot happen, totally impossible. How can anyone claim to be peaceful when they pray to a monster such as Mohammad? How can someone say they believe in equal rights when the very clearly they don’t as women are seen as chattel, they believe being gay is a crime to be punished,  transgender people must be returned to the gender they were born and people who are non-believers must die. These people won’t be content until they’ve taken over the whole world and killed every last non-believer. Here is the link to the site from which I copied and pasted the above information:

One huge problem with those who consider themselves non-violent and condemning violence is the fear of being murdered. Another is how Muslims play on political correctness, thus anyone who speaks out against this cult (sorry, I cannot call this a religion as religion is rooted in love and peace, and Islam is rooted in hate and brutality) risks being murdered.

Here is a link to a man speaking out against Sharia Law, and I urge you to go to this link, turn on your speakers and hear what he has to say:

Even in Canada, Muslims are still circumcising young girls as they feel only whores need a clitoris. Why were woman made such that they can enjoy sex if it’s so wrong?  Muslims have such Hubris as to believe they know better than their creator.

This cult must be stopped, and we must cease calling it racism, and we must stop calling Islam a religion; it is a cult, it’s people indoctrinated from day one, they are EVIL and we must stop allowing these people to guilt-trip us into capitulating to their demands.

When people in the 1930’s tried to warn of Hitler’s malevolence, few listened. People are trying to get the word out about Islam, and as the old adage goes, “those who don’t learn from the past are destined to repeat it.”

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Valentine’s Day – Not so nice for many

Tomorrow is V.D., uh, Valentine’s Day. This makes people think of love, romance, running through the snow, (or meadow if you live somewhere with warmer climates than we in Toronto) chocolates, roses, diamonds, candlelit dinners….Well, let’s take another look at this so-thought of auspicious holiday.

I guess what I like least about this holiday is the guilt people are made to feel by those wishing to guilt-trip people into buying lavish gifts, dinners, etc. just in the name of so-called romance. And if one doesn’t come through, they are made to feel awful, even those only dating a short while. Didn’t we exchange lots of presents only a month and a half ago? Aren’t those who put said gifts on their credit cards still trying to pay off those expenses? Don’t we also give at birthdays and for those in relationships, anniversaries?

As well, aren’t many of us trying to lose the weight we gained at Thanksgiving and Christmas? Do we really need candy? And have a look at the cost of flowers before, during and after V.D. Wow, businesses really know how to make a killing on roses, etc. And just try to get a reservation if you waited too long, so you can celebrate over a romantic dinner; and if you do get a reservation, the bill will have been marked up considerably, just because it’s Valentine’s Day. You know, like how the airlines ding people when it’s Christmas or March Break. (just a little sidebar; years ago I spent the week prior to Christmas at Club Med in Puerto Vallarta. I gleaned the menu for Christmas Day, which was the day after I was due to go home; not a word of a lie, it was literally double! The meals, the drinks, all double, just because it was Christmas Day. I didn’t even bother to see how much it would have been to fly there! And the food didn’t look any more wonderful than that which was served prior to and I’m sure shortly after this holiday.)

But there’s another demographic that is affected by this day; those who have lost their significant other, those who are caring for a once vivacious spouse who is now in the last months/days of their life and are suffering; a mere shadow of the person they once were. Also, those for whom their relationship recently concluded, those who are and have been for some time, alone.

And how badly would one feel if they bought a really nice gift for their loved one, and received either something simple, or worse, nothing at all? Then everyone feels lousy, and that’s the end of a romantic event.

I would also like to tell of something which happened to me when in elementary school. On one V.D., I believe I was in grade 4, I had a little crush on a boy named Peter. The teacher had rearranged our desks in a circle so students could dance to the music she provided, and we all had little plastic baskets filled w/ candies on our desk, and later we would all have cake and iced cream. Peter was sitting next to me, and told me he’d have asked me to dance…but I was too fat! I look at photos of myself at that time, and truly, I was not fat, at least I wouldn’t be considered fat today; but maybe as I wasn’t stick thin, I was considered fat.

So, that day was ruined for me, so let’s fast forward to the following year. We students were encouraged to exchange V.D. cards w/ our fellow students. The popular kids got countless cards, and I sat at my desk, waiting, and just when it all seemed hopeless, a card appeared on my desk when I wasn’t at my desk for a moment. It wasn’t signed, but I later found out from whom this was came, and to this day, I am grateful to a sweet lad who grew up to be a wonderful man, twin brother, son, husband, father, friend and educator. His name is Bruce Behrnes, and I have been fortunate to have reconnected with him through Classmates.

I apologized to Bruce, as he did this without letting anyone know as kids can be so unkind. I put it away and didn’t tell anyone, but the next day, after I’d left the card at home, some of the kids teased me as the only person not to have received a card. I said I had, and they didn’t believe me, and I said I’d bring it in the next day. Well, what a rat, eh? I told my mother about this, and I swear she hid the card as I never could find it, and the next day, thankfully, the matter had been forgotten. Again, Thank You Bruce, for being such a caring, thoughtful person, and I am so sorry I almost embarrassed you, for though you hadn’t signed the card, somehow I found out it was you who gave it to me.

So, for all those who are happily in a relationship and have the dosh to splash out on expensive, needless gifts, bottles of wine/Champaign and dinners, have a wonderful, happy, loving day. But for those who are not as fortunate, take heed…St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, and you can drown your sorrows in either some green beer or a green McShake at you-know-where!

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Some things can never be completely healed with time

45 years ago yesterday, October 17, 2016, the person who was more a brother to me than a friend, lost his life at the tender age of 18. He’d just graduated only 4 months prior, and had a lifetime of opportunities, travel, loves, friendships; so much to look forward to. When we’re young, we think tragedy will only happen to someone else; never us.How wrong we all were.

I don’t wish to harp on about how many lives were decimated by Frank’s untimely and senseless passing; I’d rather tell of how his life and how his love, kindness, caring, sense of humour, sense of family and his all around decency made him someone who, though he only lived 18 years, 2 months and 3 days, touched so many lives.

I know his family was never the same after that horrific night, and I feel regret that I was too immature to see past my own grief that I might have been able to lend comfort to his younger brother William as forever after he was the only child. I do know that William named his only son after his brother.

The impact Frank had on those fortunate enough to have had him, however briefly, in their lives was such that he will always be missed, and will never be forgotten. People like Frank come into our lives but once in a lifetime if we’re lucky.

I have been extremely privileged/blessed to have met, fallen in love with and married my husband Greg who embodies the wonderful qualities and virtues that made Frank who he was.

To honour Frank, Greg and I married on what would have been Frank’s 40th birthday, August 14, 1993. I can only hope Frank was there in spirit, for he surely was there in my heart, as he has been lo these many years.

Wherever you are, Frank, my brother, your memory will live on eternally in the minds, memories and hearts of all whose lives you touched. I can only hope you are with other loved ones who have also passed, and are happy and at peace.

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If you look hard enough, you can find bad intentions in anything

Why do people find bad intentions where none are intended? Examples – Manus-hole covers are the covers you see over holes in the street which lead underground and give access for city workers. Over time, the term “Manus-hole” has been shortened to Man-hole, but as many are too young to remember the term in its original form, they see it as anti-female by calling it a man-hole cover. Really? How about looking up the term and its origins; no, it’s much easier to shout discrimination and insist by others also ignorant to hurry and change the name. This serves to placate those who scream the loudest, as it’s easier than to tell them they are wrong, pure and simple.

Another example is the opening dialogue of the original Star Trek series; the line “where no man has gone before” has again been misconstrued and some might say deliberately skewed to find offence and had to be changed to “where no-one has gone before.” Did it ever occur to anyone w/ even half a brain that what is meant is “man” as in “mankind” which includes both genders? No, that would make sense; better to again appease those who have the biggest mouths and change what was an innocent line to ensure everyone sees prejudice.

When Women’s Lib came into its own back in the ‘70’s, it was great for those women who had always wanted to work, to have a career, to have a voice and be treated as equals. But truly, if you have two pieces of string, both the same length but of different materials, would you say they are equal? Yes, both are strings, yes, both are however many inches in length, but as they are of different materials, they are not equal. That is not derogatory, it’s doesn’t mean one is better than the other or one is inferior to the other. It simply means they are different. I’m sorry all you people who feel all people are equal; men can do many things women can do, and vice versa. But equal? Would you really want us all to be the same? Are we meant to be robots? I am happy to be a female, and happy, yes, that if there’s a job a man is hired to do and I want to and am able to do the job the same as said man, I do want that opportunity.

The same is true that there are many jobs a woman is usually thought to be solely capable of doing but many men want to and are just as able to do. And that’s fine, but are we equal? Sorry, no. We will both do the job well, but if I apply for a job which says “must lift 150 pounds”, sorry, that lets me out. That’s not to say a female can’t do it; I’m sure there are some who can, but is it good for our bodies, which are designed differently than that of a man? I don’t think so; but some may wish to do it anyway, and that’s fine; if they can, hire them. I’m also sure many men cannot and would not be desirous of lifting heavy objects as a regular part of the job. That said, men are said to be the best chefs. Women are said to be the best seamstresses. Is that a bad thing? No! Do you really want to be exactly the same as a person of the opposite sex? Only you can answer that.

True, when it comes to doing the same job equally well, the pay must also be equal, unless one person has been there much longer. But tell me please; can a female who weighs 105 pounds and is 4’9” play linebacker for a football team? Can a man give birth? No? Then we are not equal, it’s as plain and simple as that.

Next; Someone wrote to the “Ethical Guy”, a columnist for the Toronto Star, complaining that it’s prejudice when someone says they turned a “blind eye” or a “deaf ear.” Really? So, if someone cannot see at all, the medical term is that they are blind, that’s showing prejudice? They are not visually impaired; that refers to one who has limited sight but still has some vision. For those who are completely without the ability to see, they are blind, and that is not a slur, it is a fact, and that is a term which simply describes their medical condition. Same as one who cannot hear at all is deaf, and not limited, thus they are not hearing impaired or challenged, they are simply deaf, so there is no prejudice, no bigotry, it is a medical term and when one pretends not to hear or see, these terms are used but not in a way which shows acrimony toward those who are afflicted with either medical condition. Again, finding bad intentions where none are present.

Here’s one which bothers many but people are so afraid of being labeled “racist” they go along with it. When I was growing up, people were referred to as “negroes.” This was not meant as mean, nasty, racist in any way. If one were to be one of those adjectives, they’d use the other “n” word, and that is wrong any way you slice it. Now, everyone says their families are straight from Africa like they’ve all been there or have close relatives who are living there. This in many, many instances is untrue. Maybe if one were to go back several generations, there would be some African ancestry, but for everyone to say they are African Canadian/American is just false. I also wonder, when Malcom X gave his life to have his brothers and sisters proudly called Black, why now we are told this is a racist term. It is not, it is one of pride, and he must be rolling over in his grave to see how many people have bastardized this term which he deemed as a respectful way to term people of colour. What I resent most is people who have never been to Africa, and have not had any relatives who stem from Africa in four or more generations call themselves African-….. Imagine if I did that and said I was Polish-Romanian-British-American-Canadian; and it would be more logical for me to say that as my great-grandparents were from the first three countries I mentioned, and my parents were born in the U.S. Those ties are a lot closer to these countries, yet I prefer to simply say proudly, I AM CANADIAN! Now if someone asks about my roots, then I can say well, my maternal grandmother was from Romania, my maternal grandfather was from England, and my paternal grandparents stemmed from Poland.

My parents and I were born in New York, and my mother and I chose to move to Canada in 1993. I am a Canadian citizen and feel absolutely no need nor have I the desire to introduce myself by giving a long laundry list of my history. As well, like many who have never been to Africa, I have never been to any of those countries from whence came my grandparents. Should people who were either born here or came here of their own volition be just as proud to be Canadians as am I? And I’m not suggesting they shouldn’t be proud of their heritage; they just don’t need to put their long-ago past before their present and in many cases, future homeland. It rather begs the question; if you’re not proud to say you’re Canadian first and foremost, why are you even here at all? Thus, I say I’m Canadian, and if one asks for more information, I tell them I have dual citizenship, and if they are still not satisfied, then I will go into more detail. We all stand when the national anthem is played, we all cheer when Canada wins at sporting events; so why not just say you’re Canadian, end of?

And last but certainly not least, we are now in the midst of a gender war. No, not men against women, but we are said to be bigots if we refer to each other as males and females, girls and boys, men and women. I am writing a children’s book series whereby the children learn we are all people and though we have many differences, if we understand those differences, it would surely go a long way toward acceptance of each other and of ourselves. Well, I wanted to get my books into the library, and was told the number one thing the head librarian found fault with was that I referred to these children in the book as boys and girls. Well, at that age, they are not sexual beings, and I doubt the MAJORITY of children are confused about their gender. It’s simple, especially at that age, the demographic for which I am gearing my books (7-11) that when you disrobe and look down, if it sticks out, you’re a boy, and if not, you’re a girl. And as far as I’m concerned, the MAJORITY of children are quite happy and have been for as far back as man’s (humans, okay?) origin. Now, because of a few big mouths who are not happy to have people identify themselves thus. Sure, there are a few who are not sure, but I don’t believe many 7 year olds are confused and if there are some, they are definitely the minority. So this woman, who has so much authority she has been able to keep my book, Keith’s Life Lessons, The We Generation, out of all Toronto libraries. Not to mention that owing to this minority, we are now spending millions of dollars to revamp washrooms so that those of both sexes (excuse me; I’m now told there are seven sexes???) who no longer identify with the gender to which they were born, can feel free to piddle in any washroom with which they identify. You know what? They are cubicles with doors which lock in all washrooms, so to my mind, go into the one which is in accordance with your birth certificate and close the door! I suggest applying the KISS method; Keep It Simple Stupid, with a lot of emphasis on the last S.

Quite simply, I never did agree with minority rules; sure, try to accommodate those who are not a part of the majority, but don’t insist, nay, demand that the majority capitulate in order to appease the few (by comparison) who are, dare I say, different.

Oh, one last example of how minority rules is idiotic; remember the stupid woman who put a cup of hot coffee between her legs and when she opened it got burned and sued? I am nonplussed that any judge would even give this frivolous law suit the time, of day, not to mention the cost and how it opens up to all sorts of other nonsensical lawsuits. If someone orders a hot beverage and is too stupid to realize that hot referred to the temperature, not the spice  content, then she deserves to be scalded, and if she tries to blame the restaurant for her idiocy, she should be scolded as well as scalded.

So in conclusion, I guess I can wrap it up by saying people should use common sense in all matters. These are examples which prove common sense is the least common of all senses; sad, but true.

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If we were to go back in time, it wouldn’t be surprising that it cost over $75 when Mr. Bell placed his first international phone call. Prior to the telephone, of course, there was the telegraph, Morse Code and what we now refer to as snail mail.

More often than not, people gathered in town whilst shopping or doing other errands like having their horses shoed, and it was then that people had verbal intercourse. Of course, there was also church on Sundays and holidays.

As today most have telephones, either or both landlines and cell phones, telegraph, the internet for instant messaging, voice mail so we won’t miss any calls, caller I.D. so we know who called and didn’t leave a message, and of course, person-to-person communication when available.

Oddly, however, it has been my observation that we humans communicate less than ever though our resources far exceed that which was available only a century ago. We place a call using one of our types of telephones, but rather than companies employing people to answer the phone, we are made to play “which button should we press to eventually, possibly, and maybe even in a timely manner, reach someone who is live and dare I say, of real assistance.”

The other day I telephoned our bank and was on hold for literally over an hour (our phone keeps track of the minutes of the call being placed.) After finally realizing this call would never be answered, I decided to try again first thing the next morning. After 10 minutes, I gave up the ghost as they were never going to answer. What irks me the most is their constant wittering about how important our call is to them. Really? Then why the hell don’t you prove it by hiring humans to answer the phone in a timely manner rather than paying it lip service. There have been occasions when I’ve driven to a company as that was the only way to ensure I would deal with a human being.

Of course, I used to try to skip all these messages (like press one for English, two for French only to have the next message in both languages; so why did they ask?) But these bombastic jerks cottoned on to that and now in many instances I receive a message saying zero is an invalid entry. I’ve even tried not pressing any buttons in hopes they’d think I didn’t have a touch tone telephone, and sometimes the call will be redirected but other times the machine keeps saying they didn’t get my response and eventually hang up on me. Even when I do everything right, I am often disconnected. And if you complain once someone finally does come to the line, they will also disconnect you; especially if they are idiots and you request to speak w/ their superior.

But now imagine if India outsourced their business to Canada and someone who only spoke one of their languages, let’s say Punjabi, called and expected a Canadian to diagnose their issue and solve it, and all the while expecting you to communicate in their language and be understood. How many born and bred Canadians would be able to do this?

Sadly, though Canada (at least Ontario; not sure about other provinces) offers to teach immigrants English at no cost to them, there are still many who would benefit from this program but don’t enroll. I’ve met people who came to Canada over 50 years ago, had children, even grandchildren but still cannot communicate in either of Canada’s official languages. I saw a lady yesterday with the cutest dog, and asked if he was friendly, as I wanted to have our dogs say hi. She had no idea what I was saying, and though she had two young children who likely speak English (they were coming from an elementary school) she was so scared of me, she crossed the road. The look on her dog’s face made me want to weep as he wanted to commune w/ our dogs, but she wouldn’t allow it, nor had she bothered to learn English so she would have understood what I was asking.

In closing, I just wish I could understand why, in a day and age where there are more ways of communicating than ever, there seems to be much less communication than ever. Even wishing to say hi when passing a person on the street is impossible as they have plugged their ears so they may either listen to music or speak w/ someone via cell phone. I guess I get annoyed that people would rather communicate w/ someone long distance than with someone face-to-face.

As for companies and their voice messaging systems, asking that you listen to their new menu, select one option after another and disconnect you should you try to skip the messages and press zero; I’ll be brief and succinct; I HATE THEM!

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Kathleen Wynne

First, I cannot understand how someone who has made it so far in life as to have won a majority as Premiere of Ontario can be so fiscally irresponsible. For her to have given the school board millions of dollars and not insist they be accountable as to how that money is being spent (i.e. providing receipts at the very least,) is (choose the appropriate adverb) let’s see, uh, dumb, stupid, idiotic, incomprehensible, reprehensible, moronic, unconscionable, foolish or how about simply irresponsible! Actually, I choose all of the above.

Next, what used to be a wonderful healthcare system for all landed immigrants and citizens has become a nightmare.

Services are continually being dropped, the latest being the loss of women’s breast exams as part of a routine and very important part of a complete physical. What, the Cancer Society isn’t getting wealthy enough; she has to send them more patients by risking even more women’s lives? And now she feels the need to play Big Brother and allow her government to snoop through patients’ medical records with no reason, cause or justification required? I plan to ask that all my medical records be removed from the computer and my records sealed, and my rights as a human being in what is clearly becoming an autocracy. Neither she nor her government have the right to neither endanger my health nor snoop through my records, for any reason, EVER, FULL STOP!!!

Next, I’d like to know why she’s not in jail, and why she has not been forced to resign as Premiere. Surely, if anyone else, ESPECIALLY someone in the party of the opposition were caught red-handed trying to bribe someone in order to keep them from running for office in order that their own candidate would be assured of victory, they would be in jail. But quizzically, she was never even charged, and the media simply dropped the story. Could it be, our once respected Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been perverted and are now her Reprehensibly Corrupted & Manipulated Puppets?

And finally, what has become of her math skills? It doesn’t take either a rocket scientist or a financier to realize that getting a one-time payment by selling a business, regardless of the amount, can never amount to as much as something which generates revenue continually. That said, why the hell does she keep selling of profit-generating business, only to piss away the money she claims will be spent in one way only to turn around and use it elsewhere? Then, when that money has been quickly exhausted, well, she goes and sells another, then another till eventually Ontario will have nothing left to sell. Even a child could the irresponsible stupidity of such actions.

Is it her goal to bankrupt Ontario and does she, deep down inside, truly hate our province and we who live in it? Or does she simply love to waste money, you know, like the millions she flushed on that cancelled nuclear plant debacle?

It might be wise (though you clearly are anything but) to remember you did not win because people voted FOR you, but because constituents voted AGAINST both Tory (who stuck his foot in his mouth at the 11th hour by saying he planned to fund all religious schools on our dime) and Tim Hudak, the other idiot who, also at the 11th hour when it was his election to lose, said he planned to sack thousands of civil servants, which would have escalated unemployment, thus causing a ripple effect which would have seen thousands of residual jobs lost and businesses ruined. When one person loses their job, it is just the beginning of lost revenue to many businesses. I will explain as you’ve more than proven you have no forethought nor any accounting knowledge. Let’s say Mona gets fired. First, she will no longer patronize the TTC or GO services.

Next, she will no longer purchase her morning coffee and muffin from the local coffee shop. She will also no longer be in need of a child minder, who will now also be out of work. She won’t be replacing her aging car, which she used to driver her children to their sporting, music or other extra-curricular activities. She won’t be purchasing petrol as often for her car, especially if she can no longer afford to keep her car. That also means she won’t be in need of a tune-up, replacement tires, oil changes, insurance or updated licence plates or her license. She won’t be travelling, so goodbye to the money she would have spent on a vacation, and all those industries, from airlines to hotels or resorts, to rental cars, souvenir shops, restaurants; all will feel the loss of Mona’s custom. She won’t be patronizing local restaurants, movie theatres, concert venues, ball games; and then there are the businesses within the businesses, i.e. the hotdog vendors at sporting and other events, the souvenir shops at these events, and so on, and so on.

So in closing, I just want to say, I hope and I pray, that Patrick Brown won’t go the same way. That next election, with your popularity at 18%, we won’t fondly remember the devestation you sent. Tat some of your damage may be salvaged or reversed, and Ontarians only hope your replacement won’t be even worse!

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Is telling the truth negative? I don’t mean if a good friend asks if you like her drawing and it looks like the work of a four year old. I mean my view of life. To me, it’s cruel. For anyone to survive, we all must kill that which lives in order to survive. No, this can’t be avoided by eating plant life. It has been established that plants, grass, trees all have feelings. So, the only things we eat that don’t have to die are unfertilized eggs; hardly something which could provide the nutrients necessary for us to survive. And if you think about it, some species were only born so others could eat, such as krill. And some insects are born so they may get impregnated, give birth and die. Others are born so they may impregnate the female and then die…happy, I’m sure, but still die they must.

The only way not to feel too guilty is to ensure that that which we eat has some kind of satisfactory life prior to dying, such as free-roaming chickens. That said, some chickens live so they may lay the eggs we eat, but recently Marketplace* did an exposé which told of how chickens live in an extremely small cage with many other chickens, never seeing daylight, feel air other than that which is circulated in the confines of the facility which houses hundreds of cages. Then there’s the cruelty of how other animals such as pigs are kept in cages so small, they can only stand facing forward so they can eat the slop on the other side of the cage. They can never lie down or turn around and as such go insane. If looked at from a practical stand point, one has to ponder how good the quality of this pig product can be for consumption.

I’m only saying, other than humans who are not born to be another species’ substance, (cannibals aside) as we cannot escape having to kill in order to survive, the least we can and must do is treat that which gives us life, with respect until I becomes our meal.
*A Canadian Investigative consumer program which deals with important issues facing people on a regular basis.

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Government & Church sanctioned murder

After seeing the news this afternoon, I was horrified by the murders of 50 people and the wounding of more than 50 others. My heart goes out to those who are gone, to their loved ones and to those who may be next.

What’s troubling is the hypocrisy of those religious and community leaders who are also to blame, as they sanctioned the hatred that drove this man kill. In fact, to my mind, they gave him the license to buy his weapons. How? By allowing business owners to deny serving people due only to their sexual preference and gender identification.

These people are just as full of hate as this murderer. They use God and religion as justification for their intolerance for anyone who dares to be different, to dress differently, pray differently, choose their partners differently. By making transgender people use other washrooms than others, they are doing the same as those who, only a few years ago, put up signs over washrooms which read Whites Only. By not selling wares to gays is the same as, back in the day, not selling to Jews, or the Irish, or the Italians, etc.
Well, God is most assuredly NOT on your side. And you are not doing his bidding by denying anyone the right to be, live, pray, dress contrary to how you believe they should.

I can only hope that when this monster is imprisoned, he is put in the general population, and is treated accordingly by his fellow inmates. And when they finally carry out his death sentence, I hope he dies slowly, painfully and with as much suffering as he’s inflicted on the families and friends of these victims.

On the news they were trying to find out if this hate-filled man had any ties to any terrorist groups. I say he does, but not Al Quida, and not ISIS, but a homegrown terrorist group; those who are homophobic and allowed to act on that legally. They strike terror and fear into the gay community as surely as those who belong to the aforementioned terrorist groups.
In Canada, the federal government has deemed it illegal to discriminate against those who are gay or transgender. As long as they name individual groups against whom it is illegal to discriminate, they leave the gates wide open to legally hate anyone not on that list. As one who was treated with animosity owing to many reasons; my weight, my family’s religion, and in the early ’60’s, my mother having been a divorcee, the only way to prevent and stop people from sanctioned bigotry is to make it illegal to be prejudice against ALL people, full stop.

As for those hypocrites feigning disgust at today’s events, you aren’t fooling anyone. You share in the guilt which led to today’s happenstance. The walls of intolerance must be torn down, as hate begets hate, but only love and acceptance build bridges.

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Isn’t this prejudice?

On December 12, 2014, a man blew through a stop sign, and as I didn’t have one and was about to continue past the side street, I could not stop. I collided with the left rear fender of his truck, which caused my car to spin around, leaving it facing southwest, though I had been traveling east.

I was contacted by the insurance company, and the agent told me I was entitled to a certain amount of physio for any injuries sustained. Long story short, the money ran out; sadly, the pain didn’t. I was advised I’d have to sue the insurance company as they felt I was classified in a particular category of those not all but dead.

They then had me go to one of their preferred (in their pocket) psychiatrists as well as have a physical exam, again by a doctor in their employ. Well, I guess I needn’t tell what the results were; I’m fine, or I’m faking or whatever b.s. they were paid to say.

So here’s my biggest problem; the insurance companies are prejudice against those making a claim. Prejudice is when one is feels that as there are a few bad people of any given race, culture, religion, whatever, that the entire population of that race, etc. is the same. So if, say someone knows someone of a race and that person is a thief, then all who are of that race are thieves. Now we are in the year 2016, where even the appearance of prejudice makes people get so defensive they don’t hold anyone accountable for fear they are being singled out.

Then how is it that when an average of 15% of those making claims against the insurance companies are trying to defraud them, that they paint the other 85% with the same brush? I don’t believe one rotten apple spoils the barrel, as the one apple doesn’t affect at least 95% of those surrounding the apple. As such, 85% of claimants are being honest, yet we are all being viewed as being dishonest.

In my case, my injuries are not quantifiable, in other words, they don’t show up on X-rays, there are no broken bones, bruises, etc. But that said, the insurance company, though they’ve little other than my word to go on, must occasionally take a leap of faith, and in my situation, it’s my word against their suspicions. As I have never been in this situation prior to some bozo having run a stop sign as I was approaching and did not have a stop sign, I could not stop before smashing into the back rear side of his truck. My air bag deployed, my seat-belt totally lost its elasticity and the car ultimately was a write-off. The other party called police, and told that my airbag had deployed which only happens in serious collisions, that my lip was hurting due to being hit by the airbag.

Sadly, our local constabulary did not deem this worthy of their presence, and even went as far as to tell the other driver not to bother exchanging information there at the scene but rather at the reporting centre. Are there really any police who are ignorant of the fact that once an airbag is deployed the car will no longer run? So had I not gotten this chap’s information, and he just drove off, leaving me in the middle of the road alone w/ my now-deceased car, he could have just continued driving and I’d have never known who he was. Yes, I took down his license, but with no witnesses, he could have denied the whole accident. Fortunately I did take some of his information and he did go to the reporting centre, where it was decided that he was wholly at fault.

Naturally, for all the monies we’ve paid over the past 25 plus years to the insurance company, they didn’t even give us replacement value for our totalled car. And now when I tell them in all honesty that I still have a lot of pain in my back, in my rib which hit the steering wheel and my hand which was pounded on the stick shift, they send me to their own bought and paid for physicians who would no longer be contracted by insurance companies if they told the truth; that many people are not lying about their injuries. These doctors have forsaken their Hippocratic oath in favour of the all-mighty dollar, and say whatever they have to in order to ensure they will be kept on the insurance companies’ payroll.

So next week, at about 7:15 a.m., a car, hired and paid for by the insurance company will drive me across the city for an 8:45 appointment with yet another bought and paid for doctor who will try to find something tangible where there is nothing they can show directly that I do have a lot of pain. The insurance company will be thrilled and deny my claim. Then I must go back to my lawyer and continue to sue for treatment. I’m told to do certain things which the insurance company will view as being the correct action in order to try to get them to pay for my treatment, but I don’t wish to play their game. I’m supposed to have money paid for physio, but once they’ve shown me what to do, why waste money which could be spent on actual treatment, i.e. chiropractic when needed and massage? Even if I did play their game, the only winners are the insurance companies and the lawyers.

In fact, my lawyer told me that this is the game played in each case. So think about how much money they waste hiring doctors who are paid to lie, and yes, I mean out-and-out lie, as the lawyer told me someone could have 1 ½ feet in the grave and still they’d deem that person as fit for work. And a perfect example is the time I went to see one particular doctor. And how much is paid to have me chauffeured to the other side of the city, as I guess they don’t have any doctors on the payroll in my neck of the woods.

I have an allergy to bright lights, especially florescent. Well, he proceeded to have me lie down, and my pain is when I sit up as it puts a lot of stress on my back. He had me rise and turn over, and the pain was so bad I was in tears, but tried to hide them. He then had me sit up and poked my sore rib so hard I screamed and was crying even more. As I normally don sunglasses to shield my eyes from the brightness of the florescent lighting, I had to remove my glasses when I was crying and didn’t put them back on right away, as office was not very brightly lit. So in his report, he told of my pain, of how I cried, but tried to make out that I was a liar as I didn’t put my sunglasses on immediately after having to remove them. He never mentioned how dark his office was, or that I had them on when I was in the other, brightly lit offices. So the insurance company looks at that one erroneous statement and that’s all they need to say “aha, we knew she was a faker, so no more treatment for her.” I only wish I had been standing when he jabbed me in the rib, as maybe my reflexes would have been activated and I might have kneed him somewhere that would have made him cry.

I do as much as I can of my daily activities and sometimes I do too much and am in so much pain I spend the next day on my heating pad. Of course, they don’t see that; they only see that I am ambulatory and thus must be totally full of crap. What they don’t see is that I cannot lift our heavy vacuum cleaner and have not vacuumed in months, and how hard it is to do anything where I must lift or bend. They don’t see it as they would rather turn a blind eye to the fact that most people are not liars, are not trying to rip them off, and those who do are most proficient at it and likely don’t and will never get caught. But as is too often the case, we are all painted with the same brush, and the innocent go untreated while the guilty go unnoticed, unchecked and unpunished.

Not that I wish anything bad to ever happen to anyone, but maybe these insurance people should keep in mind that someday they might have an accident…and karma’s a bitch!

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Why is this so difficult…and expensive?

Last week, a lovely lady who is my neighbour knocked at my door, and when I answered, she was visibly upset. A couple of years ago, she lost her dog Blu, and now she’s had to put her other dog Harby to sleep. She lives alone and the loneliness is intolerable, so she asked if I could help her find two dogs in need of a new home. I said I would do everything I could, and my husband and I began our search.

I cannot believe the cost some places are mean, no other word comes to mind, so yes, mean enough to charge. I’m seeing 10 year old dogs costing $350. Really? Do they not realize the cost of an older dog, how often they are in need of very, VERY expensive medical care for years to come? Not just that, but the cost of yearly physicals, flea and heartworm treatments throughout the warm months, food, etc. I am nonplussed not to mention disgusted as it’s obvious these people don’t give a toss that these lovely beings are being treated as criminals. Too often, through no fault of theirs, these loving dogs are being surrendered, taken from the warmth of their beds and homes, put behind bars in a cold, loveless shelter, walked maybe twice daily, fed likely the cheapest crap as these shelters are run on a shoestring budget, and when an opportunity to give them a new home comes along, they are too often denied as the costs involved with rehoming them are prohibitive.

What the hell are they thinking? Is it better they stay in a cage? Is it better that, in some instances, they be put to death rather than these greedy, heartless no-minds come down in price to ensure these sweet, sad, lonely, lovable, loyal, once-pets who are in the last stages of life be deprived of a loving home in which to spend their last days?

I saw a couple of dogs who would have been perfect for this sweet lady, but the cost for someone such as she, who is a little older and on a fixed income, is definitely out of her price range. So she’s still looking, we’re still looking and these two sweet dogs, who could end up being separated, which in and of itself is heartbreaking, are being kept apart.
The want of money is truly the root of ALL evil. These greedy monsters are just that…monsters. I hope when they become old, they are thrown into some nursing home where the staff views them as numbers, not once-vital parts of society now too old to be useful or wanted, and maybe they’ll have nightmares of the deeds for which they were once responsible, the love and loving, safe, warm homes they denied these innocents of in the twilight of their lives, both bipeds and quadrupeds alike.

Shame on them!

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