If you want to get totally frustrated, try dealing w/ the government and/or Amazon

As I have written, had illustrated and published the first in my children’s book series, I thought the best way to try and market it would be on Amazon. They have an American site as well as a Canadian site. I wondered why I wasn’t selling any books, and upon going to my listing, found that it was inactive, and showed that there were no books available and won’t be for the foreseeable. I was nonplussed, as I have over 400 copies sitting in my basement. I tried getting an answer from someone at Amazon, but received two totally different reasons for my site being closed down. The first reason was that as my book wasn’t selling, they closed it due to inactivity. I told them, it’s like trying to win the lottery without buying a ticket…not going to happen.

Then I learned they wanted my Social Security Number. I told them I am Canadian and don’t have a Social Security Number, but rather a Social Insurance Number. As well, I am selling on Amazon.ca, not Amazon.com, and lastly, I am selling as a business, not as an individual. After much haranguing, back and forth, getting angry at their lunacy and lack of ability to comprehend, I found that they said they must pay taxes on my account. I told them I will collect and pay the taxes, they are not responsible, but they said they must pay on all those who have products on their site. Regardless, they don’t need my SIN, so I tried to get verification of this by contacting Revenue Canada.

Well, that’s when the frustration began. I called the first number, and the person referred me to another number. That person referred me to yet another number, who referred me back to the first number. I called seven different numbers in total, and not one of them could give me a straight answer. Is it any wonder people were recently messed up by having been given erroneous information when filing their income tax return? The left hand hasn’t got a clue what the right hand is doing, and truth be told, I don’t think the right hand knows what the right hand is doing, and the same for the left hand.
So I have now written again to Amazon, after finding on their site the following information:
Amazon is required to file Form 1099-K in U.S. dollars (USD) for U.S. taxpayer sellers who meet the following thresholds in a calendar year:
• More than USD $20,000 in unadjusted gross sales, and
• More than 200 transactions.

So I’m now waiting to hear from them as I’ve sold only two books, and as such, am so far from having sold 200 books, or having made (laughing) $20,000 worth of sales, it’s ridiculous. I asked them, how the *(&) am I supposed to sell anything WHEN YOU’VE CLOSED MY ACCOUNT????? I’m sorry, but between the no-minds of our revenue agency and the idiots at Amazon I’m about ready to call it a day. I really hope I get someone with at least an IQ over 35 when they finally respond to my query, but one thing is certain; they are never, EVER getting my SIN, and will never convince me they need it. Personal information such as someone’s SSN or SIN has nothing to do with a company doing business, period, end of discussion. Oh, and did you notice the words U.S. TAXPAYER SELLERS? It’s rather obvious they didn’t, as I’ve told them over and over ad nauseam that I am Canadian, selling on Amazon.ca, the ca being Canadian, and am selling in Canada. I mean, do they even bother to read their own terms & conditions?

I used to think highly of Amazon, but now….

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