Our wonderful Schnauzers

In my last Blog, I told of dogs I’d had or Greg and I’d had in the past. Now I’d to tell of the lovely dogs we now have. First, I’d like to tell about Miss Lara, our (nearly) eight year old black Standard Schnauzer. We drove to Quebec to get her, as I felt the pepper and salt Schnauzers looked like old men. She nuzzled into me on the drive home, and then nuzzled Greg when I took over driving. She slept on a pillow on the floor beside our bed the first night, and we got a crate which she slept in for the next several months. We loved to let her run in the nearby park which has a ravine, but were soon made aware it was toxic and had killed many animals. We had to do something to keep her from going crazy if she couldn’t run in the park, so we decided to adopt a rescue dog.

Greg looked on line and found a Schnerrier (Schnauzer/Terrier) in Indiana, so we drove in a blinding snowstorm, slept in a hotel and went to the rescue facility the next morning. Well, we met our soon-to-be pup who was 7 months of age, and he stunk to high heaven. The man gave him a little bath to make him a little less stinky, and we drove home. He was in the back seat, curled up with the stuffed dog we’d bought him. When we got home, we picked up Miss Lara from the Doggie Hotel, and introduced them. She was not impressed, but he thought he’d hit the mother lode. You see, Brodee, our Schnerrier, had been tossed into the woods when he was two months of age. A man and his wife took in those whom nobody wanted, and when we picked up Brodee, he was there with about 40 other dogs, and kept in a crate, often for 20 hours a day, and frequently with another dog. So to have this huge house, and only to have to share it with one other dog, well, he was a happy camper.

But at first, he didn’t really know how to behave, and Miss Lara wasn’t sure she wanted to share her home with another of her species. About two days later, Brodee was upstairs and yelped. Miss Lara flew up the stairs to see if he was alright, and they have been inseparable ever since. They do everything together, they eat side-by-side, they drink at the same time from their water bowl, they even share the lounger, sleeping next to each other. If Brodee cries, she still goes racing to see if he’s okay. Even when we take them to a leash-free dog park, they play with each other more than with other dogs. He copies everything Miss Lara does, from trying to imitate her Chewbacca noises to her sitting with her bum on one step and her paws on the step below. He’s a bit unwelcoming of guests, but soon warms up to them, unless of course, they cough…or moves. A good friend of ours is very animated when telling a story, and this drives Brodee a little crazy, and he barks and tries to make a snack of our friend’s ankles, but other than that, he’s a good boy, and we love him and Miss Lara with all our hearts.

I would like to end this blog with the following quote:
“My dog is usually pleased with what I do, because she’s not infected with the concept of what I “should” be doing”. -Lonzo Idolswine

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