When someone passes through your life and their effect can be everlasting

Today I’d like to tell about another positive event in my life. Sometimes, a person who was good to you, even if that person was only in your life for a brief time, can really mean a lot, even many years later.
I had such a person when I was growing up; his name was Frank Butzbach. He was really my brother’s friend, but as time progressed, he and I grew closer, and he was truly an older brother, and I was the younger sister he never had. He did have a younger brother, William, but I never did meet him. Frank spent most of his free time at our house which was in Commack, Long Island, New York. His parents raised chickens and sold the eggs. Frank loved to play guitar, and he and my brother were in many bands together, Frank on lead guitar and my brother on drums. The other members came and went, and each band sounded better (and louder) than the last. I remember once when the students in our high school, Commack High School South, had a sit-in as a man named Michael Calley was being held accountable in Viet Nam for following orders which had been given the day before. He was the fall guy, and we all felt his superiors should have been the ones taken to task. We students then decided to take our protest to our sister school, Commack High School North.

Unfortunately, by the time we all got there, the school was in lock-down, and though a student pulled the fire alarm, students weren’t allowed to leave their classrooms. The police were called and they came, and they were smacking kids with their Billy clubs, and though I had gone with the daughter of the town rabbi, we got separated and in the milieu, Frank and I saw each other. He said we’d better get out of there before we felt the wrath of the police who hated our generation. We got to his car and he drove me home.
We had many good times, but sadly he was taken at the age of 18, four months after he graduated. His memory, his love, sense of humour and kindness has stayed with me all these years later. When my husband (then boyfriend) proposed, I went to the calendar and found that the following year, what would have been Frank’s 40th birthday fell on a Saturday. I asked Greg if he would be okay with our making that day special by having that as our wedding day, and he said yes. We’ve been married now for 20 ½ years, the half, or what I call semi-versary is on Valentine’s Day, as we wed on August 14, 1993.
Frank was a very dear young man, one-of-a-kind, and someone whom I determined would be the type of person I wanted when I thought of marrying someday. My husband Greg is very like Frank, as he is good, kind, gentle and has a fabulous sense of humour. I was very fortunate to have had Frank in my life then, and am even more fortunate to have Greg in my life now.
I would like to end with this positive quote:
“We all look. The lucky find. The wise accept.”
― Nora Roberts

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