Getting married, for all the wrong reasons

Why did you get married? I can think of a myriad of reasons why people get married, and will list them. See if you are among these people:

I had a boyfriend with whom things were never going well. After our third breakup, I decided enough was enough, and ended it completely. A few weeks later he called and asked me (again) to marry him, and again I refused. He said he met someone who wanted to get married as she too was approaching 30 and didn’t wish to still be single. He said if I refused, he’d marry her. I told him to have a nice life; as if!

I remember when my brother and his fiancé were planning their wedding as was her best friend. My brother and fiancé were planning something really nice, but her friend wanted to get to the altar first, so she had a plain, hurried ceremony. Needless to say, the marriage lasted equally long, and now she’s on to her second. I’m not sure why she remarried, but I can only hope this one lasts.
We’ve all heard those who feel that any two parents, regardless of how miserable they are together is a better situation than a sole that is happy on their own. I can attest to the fact that this is completely false. This of course goes hand-in-hand with those who marry when finding out they are expecting a baby.

There are those who marry for money as someone is rich. There are those who marry for security, and those who marry for status. Some marry to get out of their present situation, and those who marry as the other person loves them so much, they’ll do anything to be with them.
Others marry as they fear being alone, while still others marry to cover being gay. Of course, there are those who marry as it looks better to a potential employer as it makes them seem more settled.

Many marry so they can have children, fearing having a child alone and not being wanted once so encumbered.
People marry due to familial pressure and some marry to spite a partner who won’t commit, thus trying to make them jealous. Some marry as they can’t say no, or because they fear nobody else will ever ask them to marry. Then there are those who haven’t found Mr. or Mrs. Right, so they’ll settle for Mr. or Mrs. Right Now.

Of course there are those who marry out of duty to their culture, having been promised from an early age, and those who marry to bring together two families which will join their prospective corporations.

I honestly feel there is only one reason which justifies marrying and that is, pure and simply LOVE! Any other reason, in my humble opinion is folly.

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  1. Dee C Burns says:

    Hi, and thank you for sharing and your kind words of encouragement.

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