Letter to our Attorney General

I am writing to ask how I may go about having certain irresponsible people charged with terrorism.

What in fact is seasonal flu is and has been all along is wrongfully being called a pandemic. The late Kary Mullis, who developed the PCR test was most emphatic about not using this test as a diagnostic tool, as this test gives up to 97% false positives: (1)

This means the numbers being shown daily are up to 97% false! That said, using those bogus numbers to ‘predict’ where the next ‘spread’ will be using completely unscientific ‘modeling’ * is meant to scare people into submission and civil obedience, and to try to justify lockdowns. This link takes you to the site wherein ‘Scores of Physicians Want Americans to Know the Truth about Coronavirus: Continued Lockdown Dangerous, Even Deadly’: (2)

Many provinces in Canada, many states in the U.S. and many countries throughout the world are under this dangerous and completely illegal, unscientific, and unwarranted lockdown. That is, of course, unless they happen to be a large, corporately owned and run business such as Walmart and Costco. How is it possible to not be in any danger in these stores, but all restaurants, gyms, small businesses are considered toxic environments? And if it’s so unsafe for the average citizen to leave home, how is it safe for our politicians to travel and visit family, friends and businesses? (3)

As for masks, again, SCIENCE shows these do very little to stop the spread of what we are being led to believe is neigh on to a death sentence. In actuality, masks make many especially children sick. (4)

As to the so-called ‘science’ being used to determine these Draconian measures, consisting of lockdowns, social distancing and masking almost everyone meant to halt the spread of what is no more than yearly flu? This site tells of how this all began using a 14 year old’s science project: (5)

Those who suffer during flu season are the elderly and/or those with underlying conditions. More children die from seasonal flu than have from Covid. When Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children said that masks are unnecessary and dangerous for children, they were forced to reverse themselves. Doctors are being pressured to declare Covid as the cause of thousands of deaths which were actually the result of many other causes. This includes people being denied, as per the College of Doctors and Physicians, life-saving surgeries, cancer diagnoses and subsequent  treatments. Some are even being so terrified by these sham numbers that when someone suspects they do have the virus, they are too frightened of catching the dreaded ‘plague’ to go to hospital at all or after it is too late. Speaking of plague, as people are so scared to come to hospital, many parents are not vaccinating their children. Most diseases such as Polio have been almost completely eradicated, but how long until these diseases return, especially as, due to lockdown, we are not sending supplies of food and medicine to 3rd world countries? And why have we not been advised of any measures to stave off the flu, or, if one does get the flu, such as taking Vitamins C & D, which will help mitigate the severity therein? Also important is the fact that, as those who actually have this seasonal flu and do seek medical attention are refused treatment. Many have also died who would not have but for refusal of too many frightened doctors to treat using drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine? (6) It is also important to know the truth about survival if one does contract this virus, as per the CDC: 

0-19: 99.997%      20-49: 99.98%     50-69: 99.5%     70+: 94.6%.

I also do not understand why healthy people are being queuing up to get tested, and if they miraculously get a negative result, they are then frightened into isolating. This is because they are being told they ‘could’ be asymptomatic and a threat to others. Here is a site which shows the results of a study of 10,000, 000 people to find if there is any evidence therein: (7)

There is so much irrefutable evidence that our Human Rights and Freedoms are being taken away. We are not in the midst of a pandemic but rather seasonal flu which doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Also, that masks and lockdowns do far more harm than the little they help. And as far more people are dying not from Covid but rather the measures being taken to try to eliminate it, I am begging you to let Ontario reopen, to have our lives back, to have fun, go to concerts, theatres, gyms, restaurants, meet with friends for coffee, to let children play, learn in normal surrounds of schools, to not believe that despite not being ill, they are still infectious. Everything which has been done and is still being done has been the exact opposite of what should have been done, what has been done in all years past. Even during the 1918 plague, only the sick were quarantined. Before there is one more bankruptcy, suicide, overdose, domestic abuse or closure of another small business, please stop this illegal, irresponsible and most devastating lockdown, forcible mask wearing, and the daily posting of erroneous ‘case’ numbers meant to scare everyone into submission and obedience.

All news seems to be concerned with of late are vaccines; which companies shall be used first, which members of society should receive the vaccine first, will those who refuse be isolated, denied access to particular areas of society, unable perhaps to travel, go to movies, given medical treatment for other ills? I read that in Germany and Israel, (ironic or what?) they are speaking of interment camps for those who refuse any of these untested, unnecessary, unproved with respect to efficacy, gene-altering vaccines. Also being considered is giving cards to those who do get vaccinated, thus those who do not… (I do see a black market arising.)

So why isn’t mainstream media speaking out about these Draconian measures which are taking away people’s rights and freedoms on an unprecedented scale? This has been what appears to be a worldwide Scare-demic in order to vaccinate the masses, making Big Pharma ever wealthier, as well as enforcing laws meant to control societies using fake science to justify lockdowns, masking, social distancing and vaccinations. What I do not understand is why, of all newspapers, yours, the only one brave enough to uncover the wrongdoings of then President Nixon, yours is not telling the truth about this entire scam. I thought if any newspaper would, it would be The Washington Post…and yet?

I am attaching 25 consequences resulting from actions taken to ‘control the spread’ of Covid while ensuring the spread of fear, lies and control. Just this morning I watched a short video put out by Dr. Scott Jensen, who told of a patient with an enormous mass, which he fears is cancer. This patient, however, has not left her house in over three months, and will only agree to come to his office, not to the hospital, the only place where he can do a proper diagnosis using an MRI. Ultimately, unless he can convince her that the only thing she should be afraid of is not getting the testing and if it is cancer, treatment. Instead, she will more than likely die alone, in her home, as she’s much more afraid of the possibility of catching Covid than she is of having and not treating cancer. This is only one of hundreds of instances whereby the politicians have insisted that mainstream media post outrageous numbers of ‘cases’ in order to terrorize people into staying home. And as if that isn’t bad enough, our tax dollars are now being used to promote this propaganda, wherein a few young friends are having dinner together, and then we see people on respirators and meant to show they are dying because of these selfish people having a small dinner gathering. This lie harkens back to the study mentioned above about the factious fear of asymptomatic spread. 

For the above reasons, as well as the attached list of some 25 consequences which are direct results of the over-reaction to Covid that I wish to have charged, the following people for terrorism, as that is exactly what they are guilty of:

As for those responsible, it is my hope that those responsible for the bankrupting of societies worldwide are sent to jail where they belong. Our tax dollars are now being used on advertising which shows healthy people having dinner, which in turn causes others to end up in hospital via asymptomatic spread. Then they display the message “save lives, stay home.’ This is despicable and only serves to make people feel guilty about living their lives, going to homes of friends and/or family.  

Premiere Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Premiere Doug Ford, Theresa Tam, (who is not only working for Canada, but also The W.H.O. thus creating a major conflict of interest, Dr. Eileen de Villa, Minister of Health, Patty Hajdu, Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Williams, (none of these doctors are virologists,) Mayor John Tory, PostMedia Network which owns The Toronto Sun among other newspapers, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, CP24 which has, for months been posting these seditious and erroneous numbers of ‘cases’ daily in order to continually terrorize people, The CBC, CTV and Global news. I can personally attest to having sent all of these people scientific data which specifically states this was never a pandemic, lockdowns and masks cause much more harm than any (perceived) good they may do. I know from seeing interviews with accredited doctors, scientists and virologists that they too have been writing to these people for months to see that they are correctly informed, to no avail.

Many, many scientists, doctors, virologists and scientists have tried to show the actual science to those above, but have been ignored, rebuked, made to look like conspiracy theorists, laughed at, and ostracized. Also guilty of terrorism is the Ministry of Education, for making children feel responsible for the spread of this virus by not social distancing, not staying home enough, and for making children wear masks all day in class and outside on the playground: Lieutenant Governor, Hon. Elizabeth DowdeswellOntario’s Education Minister, Hon. Todd Smith, Policy Advisor 
Jordan Adair. These scare tactics have resulted also in many being convinced they ‘need’ one of these experimental, untested, unnecessary and potentially unsafe vaccines. These people are also trying to come up with ways to circumvent the Nuremberg Code, as outlined in the following: (8)  One of the ways discussed is to give bracelets to those who get vaccinated, or worse:

TORONTO — Ontarians who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine when it’s available could face restrictions, the province’s health minister says. While Christine Elliott said the vaccine will not be mandatory in Ontario, things like travel and access to communal spaces like movie theatres could be restricted as measures being proposed. Just as masks and distancing have divided those who know the truth and those who have been sufficiently terrorized, this is a way of forcing people to get one of these experimental vaccines. I deem that these tactics are highly illegal, not to mention immoral. (9)  This too is terrorism. One other terrorist organization is the College of Doctors and Physicians, as they are threatening doctors who speak out against not only these lies, but about having to refuse to treat patients in dire need of things such as cancer screening and treatment. (10) I am also giving a link to an interview with 3 prominent doctors, two of whom work in Toronto. They tell of how many new parents are so terrified they are not bringing their babies to be vaccinated against diseases which, until recently, had been all but eradicated around the world. Our actions, or rather inactions are seeing the return of such horrific diseases as Polio and Measles. The spread of these diseases are much more concerning than the spread of seasonal flu could ever be. As these doctors state in this interview session, what ever happened to discussions amongst doctors with respect to treating patients? These three brave doctors are being vilified rather than lauded, by the very body which is meant to ensure doctors, as per their sworn oath, do no harm, and put the health of their patients ahead of all else, especially political agendas (11.)

 I would appreciate if you could let me know what I can do to see that these people face charges of terrorism, and how we may reopen our province and prevent any more of the ongoing consequences as per my attachment. 

Dee C. Burns


Below are the links as numbered in this letter:

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