When so-called seasonal items are no longer available

Did you ever try to find something which is ridiculously considered season, but truly is something which, in this instance, is something which may be eaten year round?

There is an iced cream store, which though a bit pricey, gives huge scoops and has an awesome selection of flavours from which to choose. This store, however, closes for the winter. As well, Dairy Queen also closes many of its locations for winter. So if we were to examine this policy more closely, what is being presumed here is that barely anybody eats iced cream in winter, and by that logic, all the Starbucks, Tim Horton’s, Second Cup stores, etc. should close for the summer, as obviously nobody drinks anything hot in summer. Of course, they could remain open and only sell iced coffee, iced tea and the like.

What got me started on this path of insanity is that all our corn boats have broken, and danged if I could find any in any of the stores, as this is considered only for summer. I was told in one store to return in spring. I guess people won’t find any propane for their barbeques either, as of course, no one would ever dare to use their barbeque in winter, regardless of how warm a day or evening it might be.
I also had a problem one year, when my husband Greg and I were going away for a week, to a warm, sunny locale. I, however, having lost a lot of weight, needed a bathing suit, but again, that is only for summer. Does that mean not only does everyone remain all winter in the cold climes, but they don’t even go to indoor pools?

When it comes to foods and/or clothing being seasonal, I wonder then, why I can still get Cadbury Easter eggs all year long. Boggles the mind, wouldn’t you agree?

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