Integrity, or the lack thereof

Is it I or have people stopped having integrity when doing business? My husband and I were selling a 1996 SVU and when we posted it on Craig’s list and a couple of other places, the responses, such as they were, came from those wishing to get almost literally, something for nothing. There wasn’t that much which needed repairs, and for maybe $1,500 or $2,000, this could have run another few years. But instead, we had to call a scraper, and wow, I swear they are in cahoots. How else can one explain that on the one hand, they say they only want the metal, of which there is much when speaking of an SUV, but on the other hand, they want all the parts. I asked why they care about parts if they are only going to use the metal? I got varying answers, and one guy even came out, all ready to give me the money, but then lay on the ground, and complained that he thought the catalytic converter wasn’t original. Huh?

Who the heck cares, you’re only going to crush the car and recycle the metal…or is that just what these companies all say, in order to buy a good vehicle and either repair it and sell it for a lot more than what they paid, or sell off the parts. Either way, integrity is sorely lacking, as one person had the nerve (get this) to say though he’d offered me $400 last Thursday, now on Monday, the price of metal has drastically come down and he can only give me $350. You needn’t ask what my response was, but there were some choice words, like thief, arshole, etc. And then I slammed down the phone and I hope I hurt his eardrum. I had called another place, and he didn’t answer, nor was there a way of leaving a message, so I hung up. Within two minutes he called back and I told him what I wanted. He then asked what the best price I’d gotten was, as he was offering the same as the last three places I’d called. He said he’d add $10 if I let him do the job. I said fine, he could come the next day. Well, the next day came, and was starting to go, so I called and asked what was happening. He said he’d come after 5. So again, I waited and waited, and the day ended, the next day came and went as did the following day. So on Monday, I left a message that I was very annoyed that he practically begged that I use his service, and now he can’t be reached and didn’t even have the decency and respect to let me know what was happening. So today, Tuesday, as I’d been forced to make arrangements with another company which I’d contacted, but was paying less, were due to come yesterday, and again, nobody showed up and though I’d called thrice, nobody let me know they weren’t coming.

So today I called and I was hoppin’ and what did this creep say? First he said he’d forgotten, which is total b.s. as no-one could forget when they’d been called thrice. Then he said his guys couldn’t pick up the car in the rain. Really? Tell that to all the towing companies which come out in all weather and tow vehicles from wherever they’ve broken down. Finally he said he’d send someone, and when someone called, I thought it was from the first company and when offered the lower amount, I was upset and said no. So now the second company was ½ hour late, and when I called, he said I’d told his guy not to come. Never did the man with whom I was dealing say that he’d contract out the job and that person would call to arrange his coming. Well, I said to send the guy, and thankfully he came soon after I’d called, and though we had some problems getting our Alex out of the driveway, as Alex was facing forward and he needed to be in front of the vehicle in order to tow him, we managed to get Alex across the street, and he paid what I was promised. I thought he was going to say after all the agro, he was going to pay me less, as that was what had happened the weekend prior, when we’d been offered $375 for our Trans Am, and they knew when we’d called that they’d need a winch and flatbed truck, but when they came and had some difficulty, suddenly we could only be paid $100. Really? What a scam! Did this moron really think I’d believe that after one weekend, the price dropped so dramatically that he had to give me $50 less than promised? I guess as he’d never seen me, he assumed there was a giant S on my forehead.

What is the bottom line? Integrity is too often a thing of the past. Sad, isn’t it? If only these people would put themselves in the place of those whom they are screwing, perhaps they might think twice before treating people like they were nothing more than rubes. I’m only glad we don’t have any more cars for these rotten businessmen to screw us out of.

Oh, and one last example of screwing potential customers. We have a Ford, and it has a few things which need to be diagnosed so we can see if a) they are serious, like lights coming on indicating there is either a serious problem or an electrical/wiring problem, and b) how much it would cost to affect repairs. I called the local dealership and trying to get anyone on the line was neigh onto impossible. Finally when we’d decided to go elsewhere, someone called and left a message. When I returned his call the next day, he quoted me so much for just the diagnostics, we were disgusted. He said it would cost upwards of $500, just for the diagnostics, and get this; he said they had to charge that as those doing the diagnostics had to get paid for their time and effort. Did he really expect me to believe these guys don’t get paid unless they are working on a car? So their secretary comes to work and if there aren’t any phones to answer or any correspondence to type, she doesn’t get paid? Does this guy really think I just fell off the Ford turnip truck? Needless to say, we will simply continue to ignore the lights and have a friend who works on cars do what diagnostics he can. As for ever, EVER buying another Ford? About as likely as our buying a Ford Edsel!

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