Time to take back our lives, our freedoms and our future, (oh, my!)

Why are people still calling it a ‘pandemic?’ It is a Scare-demic! COVID-19 is not a pandemic. It is a syndemic. The syndemic nature of the threat we face means that a more nuanced approach is needed if we are to protect the health of our communities. The notion of a syndemic was first conceived by Merrill Singer, an American medical anthropologist, in the 1990s.

To continue to call it a pandemic lends credence to those taking away our rights and freedoms. By calling it that, and saying we have the right to choose is contradictory, and makes it like we should do what they say, but only if we want to.

People need to address the facts; first, as I’ve written, it’s not a pandemic, and is little more than a cold or mild flu. Yes, for those who are at risk, such as the elderly and those with underlying conditions, it is more severe and can and has been deadly. BUT for 95% of the population, it is not life-threatening, and those who get it will get over it just like any other cold or flu.

Second, isolation is not working; why? Because the ill effects are much worse than the POSSIBILITY of catching the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) flu. Many have been denied much needed medical attention and as a result have died. Others cannot tolerate the loneliness and have died. Here is a link telling of how dangerous isolation is to humans: https://www.sciencealert.com/isolation-has-profound-effects-on-the-human-body-and-brain-here-s-what-happens

Next, the truth about masks and how, like isolation, it is more damaging than it is helpful: https://www.meehanmd.com/blog/2020-06-12-healthy-people-should-not-wear-face-masks/

Then there is the destruction that shutting down the economy causes, to people’s mental health and to their lives: this is a link to many studies of the cost, and not just in dollars, of shutting down the economy:   https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=danger+of+shutting+down+the+economy+was+a+mistake

And lastly, how this is all a Communist conspiracy to spread Communism around the world, using scare tactics to enslave the populous. This article by Leslyn Lewis tells how we are playing right into the hands of the CCP: https://nationalpost.com/opinion/leslyn-lewis-there-is-a-socialist-coup-unfolding-in-canada

I would appreciate if everyone would go to these links and understand why we must fight these draconian measures which are the opposite of everything our governments are doing, supposedly in the best interest of Canadians. Also, they have never spoken of how to stay safe and fight off infections, like taking vitamins D & C. They tell people to stay inside, but in fact, sunlight is one of the best ways to staying healthy. Recently Spain told that 80% of their CCP virus patients were Vitamin D deficient. Also, when people become doctors, they take the Hippocratic oath to first and foremost, do no harm. By not allowing people to get the medical help and/or surgical attention they need, they are doing harm, and are allowing government to dictate their actions (or in too many cases, inactions.)

We must make people realize the lies are what the government is telling us, that ‘modeling’ is not science, that all that governments have done and are continuing to do is the opposite of science, and ask why they suddenly believe governments are doing what is in our best interest when in fact they are doing what is in their own and the CCP’s interests, full stop!

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