Our Teflon Crime Minister gets away with

I used to believe Canada was at least a quasi-democracy, that there was such a thing as opposition parties and accountability when even the highest-ranking politician broke the law.

Instead, he who is supposed to be our leader, supposed to actually care for his citizens instead CAUSED the mess in which we are presently in the midst, with no end in sight. The P.M. knew in December about the virus, was warned to close the border at least to China from whence the virus stemmed, but only now does he want to focus on the virus. Why? To once again get out being accountable for yet another crime, that of his knowingly putting his family on the more-than-generous payroll of WE. He already got away with putting the kybosh on the investigation into the SNC Lavalin scandal, his having groped a woman who of course, saw his abuse differently than did he, his thrice being photographed in blackface, and let’s not forget that upon assuming his new position as leader of Canada, he went on vacation on the private island of the Aga Khan. And while the records are sealed (can you say Payoff?) we know he was fired from the only job he ever had before this one, because of having (oh, excuse me, allegedly) having inappropriate relations with one of his 14 years young students.

And now, the brat wanted to insure he got away with yet another ethics violation by threatening to call an election in the middle of what scare mongers like to call a pandemic. Of course, all who capitulated did so as they truly care about we Canadians. Yeah, and I have got some swamp land in Florida for all those who still believe there are any opposition parties. In Trudeau’s case, it is all for one and one for, well, himself and whatever he has promised to those who refused to take him down.

There is nary a politician in power that can even define the words opposition or ethics, much less abide by their roles as such. Canadians deserve a helluva lot better, but sadly, that is NEVER going to happen; and that just stinks!

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