It’s time to take back our freedom!!!

Well, here we are in month six of what is now referred to as a Scare-demic. When the Chief Medical Officer is insisting doctors go against the Hippocratic oath they swore to uphold when becoming a doctor, that which states they do no harm, there is more than a little problem.

Doctors, at whose behest we cannot be certain, sent sick and contagious patients from regular hospitals to long-term care facilities, which ultimately resulted in many unnecessary deaths, there is a huge problem. Shouldn’t the politicians being taking their cues from the Chief Medical Officer, who should be using science-based evidence to direct the courses of action, rather than vice-versa?

The truth, though too many are much too scared to believe truth over lies meant to elongate the duration of what is just merely another form of the flu. There is scientific proof from years of studies which prove a) lockdowns do not work, and b) only those who cannot stay home when sick need to wear a mask. In fact, they both have the opposite effect, as lockdowns keep people isolated, causing them to become depressed, sometimes violent, suicidal, and feeling hopeless, while depriving people of fresh air and human contact. And not once has our C.M.O. told that taking Vitamins C and D help fight off Covid and lessen the effects for those who have it. Instead, we are subjected to daily ‘updates’ using faulty data, which result from faulty tests. We are given numbers of cases, again, based on faulty data, something we never experienced during any other Flu season, not even during SARS, which at that time was as unknown as today’s Covid.

I have forwarded, as per his asking that we ‘show him the science’ our Premier many studies proving what has been and is still being done is against everything we have done in the past. He has instead, turned ours into a Fascist society, using threats of enormous fines to force stores and restaurants which he is deems suitable to operate, turning shopkeepers into Gestapo police, and setting up snitch lines. This of course alienates clientele when insisting they wear masks which cut off their oxygen and does nothing to keep them safe. Even things such as the 6-foot rule (particles can travel up to 20 meters) and washing hands (for 20 seconds is any more effective than 10 seconds) are arbitrary numbers, as again, there is no scientific evidence for these directives. So how about we go back to what we’ve been doing for over 100 years; let those who are sick stay home, let the rest of us build herd immunity to this less-than catastrophic virus, and let’s get our economy back on track…TODAY!!!!

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