Stop wasting tax payer money changing street names based on erroneous, defamatory information

It has come to my attention that an Executive Council is about to spend $250,000 (TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND TAXPAYER DOLLARS!) to discuss whether or not to change the name of Dundas Street. There is much evidence that Mr. Dundas’ reputation is being sullied with misinformation, and I am attaching an article from the Edinburgh News by Conor Matchett which tells a completely different story: 

This is an excerpt: The tenth Viscount Melville, descendant of Henry Dundas, Bobby Melville, has delivered a package of documents to each of Edinburgh’s councillors demanding the plaque is removed and accusing the council of defaming his ancestor, while expressing support for the “important” Black Lives Matter movement.

Included in the pack are opinions from Sir Tom Devine, professor of Scottish history who argues blaming just Dundas for slavery is “not only anachronistic but in conflict with the evidence” and historians Michael Fry and Dr Brian Young.

A letter, also sent to the council, accuses it of “fake news”, of misrepresenting the facts, and argues that councillors who voted for the temporary plaque have “done a disservice” to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Certain members of the City of Edinburgh Council have allowed biased, historically inaccurate and defamatory information to be placed on the temporary plaques that commemorate the legacy of Henry Dundas.  We have attached a review of evidence that sets out Henry Dundas’s record on abolition, supported by citations to records of debates and authoritative commentary from historians, Sir Tom Devine, Professor Brian Young and Michael Fry. We ask that you review this information, as it will demonstrate the degree to which the current message on the plaques misrepresents the facts.”

As you will see, the ‘facts’ have been skewed, and it is causing great harm to his descendants and Mr. Dundas’ reputation.

Next, it is the logistics of changing everything, worldwide, as that includes street signs, signs in the TTC, all maps of Toronto, Etobicoke and Mississauga, GPS, not to mention the cost to businesses as they would have to change all their stationary and all which has their current address. Also, individuals who live on Dundas will have to change their address, and this will also greatly  impact post offices worldwide. These are just a few of the changes which will take years and millions of dollars which, especially at a time when we can use our tax dollars for so many important things, like helping the millions of people who have lost their jobs, all the small businesses which, without assistance will likely never recover from months of being closed, the homeless, the mentally challenged for whom there are never enough hospital beds, infrastructure, food banks, community centres which are so important for giving kids a place to go, rather than making them easy targets for gangs, and the elderly who have become so disenfranchised.

And lastly, has it been considered that if those who brought this issue to your attention get their way, what will be next? This will open a can of worms from which we will never recover. And worst of all, their information is wrong!

We cannot afford to capitulate when this is such an enormous endeavour, all in the name of political correctness. This would be the time to Just Say NO!!!!

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