The kindness of strangers

One never need to look too long to find people who aren’t nice, and it kind of sucks that nowadays we are so taken aback when people are nice. Surely, it should be the opposite, but life is what it is, and when we meet people who go above and beyond, it is important to bring them to the fore.

My husband had to take an unexpected trip to Florida as the house he and his mother co-own was broken into. He had to rise incredibly early for an early flight and needed the washroom at the airport. He nearly missed the flight as the doors had closed, and while many would say ‘tough’ the nice person at the gate opened and led him to the entry of the plane.

Next was when he got to the house where he was to stay, and he opted for this house as it was near the house of the break-in, as he knew he would be going back and forth a lot. Also, a house with a few rooms being rented is more personal than say, a motel. And lastly breakfast was included. Upon learning that, owing to the CCP virus, there were now numerous conditions for those renting, and the owner, Nadine, found the new rules too intense, thus no longer offering breakfast. But she offered my husband a full refund if he wanted to go elsewhere. He liked that, liked the house, the proximity to where he needed to go, and thought it was not such a big deal to forage for himself for three meals rather than the two he expected. He stayed and learned a lot from Nadine regarding renting out a house. Another plus which was particularly important was that she had WiFi. As the trip was unexpected, G would have to use his vacation time, but rather than losing 6 days, he only lost two, the two travel days, as have laptop will travel. He was therefore able to work Tuesday through Friday, with breaks in between to go to the house and meet with those whom he needed to hire to effect repairs.

His mother and late father also purchased a lot, which he fully expected would be overgrown as it had not been visited for years. Instead he met the neighbour across the street who, for years, has been mowing the lawn and ensuring the property was not taken over by squatters.

In general, he found people were truly kind, friendly and helpful, and while the heat was most oppressive, he found himself desiring of developing the land for us to make use of someday, rather than selling it. It has been a long-time dream of mine to own property where we could take in unwanted dogs and kids, and they would look after and love each other. No-one should ever feel they do not have a place on this planet, or that they are unwanted and unloved.  There are many who have entered this world under unpleasant circumstances, many who, once here, are not appreciated and welcomed, but to have a place where they are wanted, loved, essential and valued is necessary in every corner of the world.

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