Muslim rape slavery comes to Canada – The Rebel

Not only is it already in the much of Europe and The United States, but it is in Canada as well. I am against prejudice, especially when it means praying for the death and destruction of those who don’t agree with them. Other than Muslims, has any other religion or so-called religion ever called non-believers in their faith enemies? Has any other ‘religion’ spewed so much hate, told their congregation in their houses of worship to pray for the eradication of non-believers or put a bounty on the head of those who speak out and tell the truth about this so-called religion? And let’s be clear, I am not going back hundreds of years, I am talking about today, so let’s leave the past. In fact, in Canada, it is now considered a hate crime to even talk about Muslim ideology, yet if someone speaks about what they disagree with in any other religion; they are free to do so. Any group which congregates as a means of teaching and preaching hate for those whose beliefs are different is not religion, it is a cult.

I also wonder, where the hell are all those fanatical women’s libbers when it comes to how Muslim women are treated, i.e., they cannot sit with the men in the temple, and many are forced to be covered from head to toe, some must even wear a vale to cover their face, and wear black even on the hottest of days. It has been well established that donning all this clothing was initiated by Ayatollah Khomeini and has nothing to do with their religion. (I understand the reason women in countries such as Afghanistan need to cover up so they won’t get raped, something happening in Canada and the U.S. and isn’t being either addressed or prosecuted as that would be politically incorrect.) This is not only outrageous but disgusting and despicable.

Where are the libbers and children’s advocates who are supposed to remove children from abusive homes? Yes, practicing Sharia Law and mutilating young girls’ genitalia so they can never enjoy sexual relations is abuse.

Come on, Children’s Aid, why aren’t you removing these girls from such abusive parents? Come on Amnesty International, and where are all you feminists? Why aren’t: RAINN, (“Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network”,) or the National Organization for Women coming forward?

The following link shows some of the many organizations in place for the protection of children, none of whom have spoken, nor even whispered anything to challenge Sharia Law which includes genital mutilation of young girls:

What is really telling is that I typed in Children’s Rights, Canadian Charter of Rights, and the following response appeared: The page “Children’s rights in Canada” does not exist.  Disgusted yet? I know I am, and I know many, many others who are.

And our Prime Minister, who claims he’s all for women’s rights, won’t even step down in light of the fact he has admitted to having groped a woman a few years ago. He has the power to insist the only law which is to be upheld is Canadian Law.

What can we expect; children can’t vote, and those who are subjugated are likely prohibited from voting by their ‘master’, i.e., husband, or threatened that they’d better vote for the same candidates as their husband.

This is a link which will take you to sites which will inform and outrage most people:

Mr. Prime Minister, you are a disgrace, you do not believe in the rights of females, you are not even proud of the very country of which you are the leader. You are a hypocrite, you are a traitor and you are an abomination to your religion and your constituents.

While of course there are good people who are Muslim, if they read up on the history of this faith, found out how truly evil Mohammad was (rapist, murderer, pedophile) and renounced this faith, that would go a long way toward dealing with those who are evil and wish to take over the world and eradicate all non-believers.

My husband asked an interesting question; if a radical Muslim was raping a woman on the street, and a non-radical Muslim saw this, would he a) try to help the woman, b) join in or c) walk away and do nothing? The fear is, he would likely be killed for not helping, or for trying to stop the rapist. Of course, one would hope he would try to stop the rapist and turn him into the police by making a citizen’s arrest, but the likelihood of that is slim to none. And therein lies a very, very big problem.

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