Having trouble letting go?

When people meet and fall in love,
There’s many reasons why.
And when that love is new, that’s when,
Both parties really try.
As they get to know each other,
Peccadillos seem to appear.
If too many surface a little too soon,
It can tug at sweet Cupid’s spear.
Can he handle when she’s too oft drunk,
Can she forgive his running around?
And if there’s no communication,
Love soon may run aground.
Sometimes people change too much
Thus couples grow apart.
But they can work through many things,
If they listen with their heart.
But love and egos are so fragile,
They can shatter just like glass.
When people enable bad behaviour,
By always giving loved ones a pass.
This leads to insecurity,
anger, guilt and fear,
maybe it brings back memories of
abandonments of yesteryear.
And so these couples cling on to
The good times they once had.
Feeling that being alone is worse
Than a relationship gone bad.
The enablers blame themselves for this,
And the enabled ones opportunely agree.
Neither party can move forward,
As they can’t see the forest for the trees.
So ask yourself some pointed questions,
Like how often do you make each other laugh,
Do you still support one another,
walking side by side down life’s path?
When thinking about your years together,
What stands out more, good times or bad?
Do you remember only great times while,
Your partner feels you’re driving them mad.
They focus solely on the past,
Leaving both of you oh, so sad.
You forgive them continually.
As you had hoped your love, now dead,
Would somehow be all that you need,
Thinking only with your heart, not your head.
Hold on to those memories,
but let go of the person they’ve become,
You each deserve to find love again,
And waken your hearts now gone numb.




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