TTC – Take The Car, Take The Cab – or, The better way, if you have all day!

TTC – Take The Car, Take The Cab – or, The better way, if you have all day!

Well, election time is fast approaching, and there are so many who need to go, I’ve run out of fingers and toes.

One major reason I’d like to see Mr. Tory go is his obsession with the Toronto Transit Commission, or TTC.  He is giving and has given much too much power to TTC, and of course, as the saying goes, absolute power corrupts absolutely. So now that TTC has taken over King Street, and rather than doing something logical like making it left turn only during certain hours and never on weekends, he is putting stores, restaurants, etc. out of business. TTC has also appropriated a little laneway which was used so that pedestrians could safely walk from Barrington Avenue to Main St., and of course, Main subway. Now that this is no longer available, pedestrians must squeeze to either to allow vehicles to drive from Main to Barrington. As this space is very narrow, it is a one-way going east. This is an accident waiting to happen. Also, there’s another alley on the other side of the subway, and for some insane reason, and please note it too is very narrow and thus one-way, it also runs from Main to Barrington heading east. Now, why the heck wouldn’t one of these be heading west?

Also, as TTC drivers have been so empowered, many don’t give a damn about the dangers when pulling out of the subway stations. I have nearly been hit numerous times as they don’t care who gets hurt, who has the right-of-way, they just figure they’re bigger than we in cars, and it’s up to us to stop. One day I was on Wellesley, and a bus was exiting from a side street, and as I didn’t have any stop signs, one would think they would not exit until all lanes were clear. Not so! This a-hole just kept coming, and I had to slam on my brakes, and thankfully there wasn’t anyone behind me, or this would have been quite the accident. Of course, it’s not likely this driver would be taken to task had he caused a serious accident; he’d likely get his wrist slapped, and that would be the end of it…except for we who got creamed!

Another thing about TTC is how they cannot seem to reach the speed limit, regardless of how low it is. On the street on which we live, the speed limit has been reduced from 50 K to 40K. And danged if these morons can reach 40. Some days, they barely do 30. Just to put this in perspective, I’d like to show what these speeds (?) are in miles…ready? 50 K is 31 mph, 40 K is 24 mph and 30 K is 18 mph. So a bus driver who cannot reach 24 mph shouldn’t even be driving, as it is dangerous. Oh, how can going too slow be dangerous, as for sure, only those speeding are a hazard? Well, how about when busses go so slow, people try to get around them, and this means sometimes crossing solid lines and driving in the opposite lane.

Another thing about bus drivers is their inability to signal correctly. When they pull over and plan to stay for several minutes, they often either don’t use any signal or use a right turn signal. Whatever happened to using the hazard lights? Isn’t that what they are for; for when one stops and doesn’t plan to proceed so that oncoming traffic is aware and can safely go around? Many don’t signal at corners either, so when they come upon an intersection and can only go right or left, it would be nice not to have to guess.

I would also like to see the last of these most annoying, cumbersome and some are at least the length easily of 4 cars. So, when they proceed (slowly) once the light has turned green, precious few cars can also take advantage of that light. But, worst of all, when on a two lane street, where there are parked cars in the right lane, and the streetcar dies, no-one is going anywhere, for a very, VERY long time. We experienced this once when coming out of the theatre, and we needed to drive in the direction of the stalled streetcar. We then had to drive in the opposite direction so we could go to another street and get turned around. And if driving behind one of these behemoths, the only way to get around it is to be in the right lane where there isn’t a parked car and hope there aren’t on the other side of the intersection so you can race to get in front. But, often cars are stopped while the streetcar takes on and lets off passengers, so if the light changes too soon, it will be too late.  Then there’s the issue of how slick streetcar tracks are when wet. My husband realized that first hand one day when biking to work. He came upon a wet track at a bad angle, and down he went.

And heaven forbid one wishes to speak with the driver of a streetcar; good luck as they are totally surrounded by plastic barriers, and trying to get the driver to hear you is neigh on to impossible.

Now about the subways; first, Toronto is supposed to be a world class city, yet TTC still thinks the blue law is in effect, thus they don’t open till 9 a.m. on Sundays. How frustrating this is for those who have to be at work early, or anyone else who needs to be somewhere before that time. And while I realize they must stick to a strict schedule, I again can’t count how many times, people haven’t even finished getting off the train, thus no-one has begun to board, and the doors begin closing. Then they announce that we must clear the doorway. Well, obviously there aren’t enough trains for all those wishing to ride, or we wouldn’t have to stuff them so people can get to where they’re going in a timely manner. Gee, maybe if they didn’t take so blasted long at, for instance, Coxwell station, changing drivers, chatting up a storm, they could allow a few extra seconds to let everyone on and off before closing the doors on people. Once, my dog was on one side of the doors, and I on the other, and damned if he would stop, so I had to pry open the doors. I read of an incident where this happened and it didn’t end well for the poor dog. I hope that rat bastard of a driver gets his, and I don’t just mean from TTC.

So it seems rather obvious that this “honour” that saw TTC named as Best Public Transit System in North America is a joke, as are all those ridiculous polls which the media keeps quoting that over 60% of riders are satisfied w/ TTC. Now, either those polled didn’t speak either of Canada’s official languages and didn’t understand the question, or those polled all had relatives working to TTC, as well as Tory’s cronies.

If TTC was a movie, they’d surely get 10 rotten tomatoes!


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