The other day I was on the phone with a gentleman, and he had some questions, one of which was about my “partner.” Now, I understand some people are together without benefit of actually taking/making vows, and some as they are of the same sex, don’t call each other husband and wife, but use the generic term partner. I have absolutely no problem with that; what I do have a problem with is when I and others who are heterosexual are expected to use a term which is deemed politically correct (God, I despise that term) and stop saying we are husband and wife. Well, I refuse, and after the third time he referred to Greg as my partner, I let him have it. I said I hate political correctness, so stop trying to be so, as I am proud to say I am married, and that I have a husband, and kindly refer to him as such. I guess he was taken aback, as he didn’t use any term thereafter.

So I put it to you; whatever happened to Majority Rules? I know, political correctness forces us (or tries) to use terms which won’t offend the few, regardless of how much it offends the many. Well, folks, I am one of the many, and therefore I want the following words placed back into our everyday vernacular, and let the few deal with it. If one is gay, and married, they can say so and I’ll happily call their mate their partner. But from here on in, these words are no longer on my delete list, and I hope you will agree and stop kowtowing to those who would have the masses cower at the very thought of insulting the majority of the minority who truly don’t give a toss. It’s only those who are militant who whine and protest the loudest and thus make everyone shiver their timbers with fear that they will be deemed prejudice for not using the new terminology which has all but taken over our vocabulary. So, here goes:

Heroine – yes, a female term for those who are heroic

Actress – there are those who are thespians – There is a game show from the ‘80’s, long before this political correctness crap came to be, and the contestants must guess the name of a series, character or what this jerk calls (you ready?) a female actor. Really????? What a schmuck!

Airline host and hostess

Airline steward and stewardess

Villainess – yes, even women can be rotten, and not because they had their pretty little delicate arm twisted by a mean old man, or because they were afraid of a mean old man or because they wished to declare their devotion and undying love for this man by doing as he asked/demanded – yes folks, women can be depraved all on their own. A case in point is that Paul Benardo was a vicious rapist, but not until he met Karla Homolka did he kidnap, torture and murder young girls – that was on her, starting with her own sister whom she offered up to him by getting her drunk and giving her to him to do with what he wished; sadly, this poor girl was so drunk/drugged she choked to death on her own vomit. So, in this case, Mr. Bernardo is a Murderer, and the former Mrs. Bernardo, aka Homolka is a Murderess.

Manhole – yes, women’s lippers, uh, libbers demanded this word be changed to drain hole or utility hole covers, as they deemed it a sexist term. Hey, geniuses, how about actually knowing what the hell you’re talking about before decrying such nonsense and stupidity. For your further edification, the term is simply short for maintenance cover; no gender is being used or preferred, but heaven forbid anyone should actually find out the reality of this term and enlighten them, no, better just to surrender and capitulate instead of pointing out that they are simply, uh, what’s the word, WRONG, STUPID, LOOKING FOR ANYTHING TO CLUTCH ONTO IN ORDER TO CALL PEOPLE SEXIST!!!

And here’s an oldie but goodie; as I said, I am married, yes, proudly and happily, as a woman to a man, and as such, I want, nay, insist on being called MRS. I was not ashamed that, until I was 33, I was a MISS. So, just because men are always Mr., regardless of whether or not they are married, you know what? Deal with it! If you as an individual are not happy with your marital status, then you have the option of asking to be referred to as Ms (and there is no period as it is not a short form nor is it an acronym, it is simple M S, end of!

Sadly, I have a feeling more men will concur with my arguments than will women, but I’m tired of the minority ruling; it’s b.s. What’s next, female bull instead of cow? Well, if that’s what you want, then I say this is FEMALE BULLSHIT! And if there are any other words which you can recall as being dropped in favour of generic terminology, please add them to the list and resume using them in your everyday conversations. Heck, I’m actually shocked they’ve allowed the show Madame Secretary to use that sexist word; shouldn’t it be Non-Sexualized Person Secretary?

Okay, you think I’m going overboard; well, now they want to give prospective parents the option of having non-gender used on birth certificates. My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that, when a person reaches an age whereby they feel the gender which they have been assigned by virtue of their having either a penis or a vagina, does not jive with the sex (or lack thereof) with which they most identify, that must; I’ll say it again, MUST be the one to decide that for themselves. If a parent wishes to introduce toys to their child which would normally be deemed a toy for a girl or boy, so be it, and let the child decide for themselves. But can you imagine how screwed up you would be if you were raised as neither a male or a female? We are human beings, we come in two sexes, full stop! If, inside a person feels otherwise, and let’s face it, this is again a case of minority trying to rule, then, and only then, should anything be done about it. And even then, they need to be counselled by a professional, in fact, more than one, before having bits cut off or replaced. The way it is now, say for instance, a male feels more like a female; before any surgery, they are told to be a female in every way possible, to see what it is really like to be that sex. This is a very serious, permanent, most likely irreversible and personal decision which is one which must be made by said person, and only by that person. To insist on raising a person without allowing them to be who they are (I give it this test; when I close my eyes, do I feel, like and expect upon seeing my reflection in the mirror that the image will be that of a female or male? I understand there are those who, though they are one sex, determined by the equipment with which they were born, that this is not who they feel they are. And once they have gone through a battery of tests, psychological analyses and living as the other sex for a time determined by those who make the decision as to whether or not the surgery is the only option, then and only then should they have their gender altered. This must not be decided by parents, friends, lovers, psychiatrists or anyone other than the person him/herself.

Just think about puberty, and how confusing it was even though you knew what your gender was. They may or may not have taught this in your school, about what happens when a girl reaches puberty as opposed to when does a boy, the changes one’s body goes through, not to mention particular illnesses connected with one’s gender. If we become a race of non-gender humans, I would think this would be very daunting, among other issues future generations will face.

As for gender-neutral washrooms, in one way it’s great, as  they is often bullying in washrooms, especially in schools, but in another, the loss of numbers in how many washrooms will soon be available is of concern. Have you ever gone to a concert or sporting event? The line-ups at the ladies’ washrooms are insane, whereas the men’s is often minimal, and as for bullying in the men’s room, there’s an easy solution; go into a stall. I’ve always wondered why it is believed men have no qualms about doing their business in public; I have spoken with some and they do feel it’s not right. So if the only way to avoid this bullying is by having much fewer washrooms, how about having all three; men’s, women’s and the kind where it’s built for one person; this is also good for those who wish to make adjustments to their clothing, or wish privacy if not feeling well.

In closing, we were created in two sexes, males and females, and no-one has to the right to tell us we must be a certain way, or we cannot be a certain way. No-one has the right to say females are inferior, or that only whores are meant to have enjoy sex, or that males are superior, or that females must be covered up for not to do so is to ask men to rape them (those who believe this crap are predators.) We are born free, we are born with a gender, and we are meant to be free, to choose who we are, who we wish to be, and anyone who feels they have the right to decide this for us or deny us this right can go to the devil.



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