Customer Service

It’s rather sad that when we receive good or great customer service, we treat it as a rarity rather than what it should be; the norm. Too often those serving the public are curt, rude, dismissive, and even act annoyed that a customer actually wants them to, uh, do their job and assist the customer. I especially dislike when I cannot find an item, ask an employee for assistance and they point to an aisle and tell how far down to go, and if one is lucky, the person may even tell which side of the aisle.

This is most frustrating as often, I’ve already looked where they are pointing and what I need is for this person to take me to the item, not just point and sometimes act annoyed.

But I have had many good people in customer service and today was one of those rare and special occasions. I went into a small clothing store and was first greeted, then asked if I would like any assistance. I said I was just browsing and she didn’t harass me by trying to sell me whatever items the store was unable to get rid of. I came upon a circular rack with affordable Capri pants, and asked if they only came in extra-large sizes. I was also unsure of what sizes were as they were labeled using European sizing. The saleslady said she wasn’t sure and took a couple off the rack and saw they were very large sizes. I began to meander around the store when she came up to me w/ a pair of Capris and asked if I thought they were my size. I thanked her and asked if I could try them on.

I mention this as there was a clothing store in a local mall which had a sign stating people could not try on the clothing and all sales were final. Needless to say, they have since closed. In this instance, there was no question that I could try the pants on.
While in the dressing room, this lovely saleslady came to my change room and had brought two other sizes of these pants, and said in case the ones I have don’t fit, here are a couple of other sizes which I could try. As luck would have it, the original pair was too small, but the smaller of the two the lady brought was perfect.

As I was paying, she did ask if I needed a blouse to go with the Capris, and I said I have enough tops and she left it at that rather than trying to get me to buy something I didn’t need or want. I thanked her again for her service and for being such a thoughtful and helpful saleslady. She said it was her job, but that is the case for all CSR’s yet many don’t care about the customer and few go out of their way to be of such help. I really loath getting undressed, trying on an item only to find it’s the wrong size. I must of course, get dressed again, then go out and find the next size either up or down. Not having to do that today was a very rare and much appreciated treat.

This experience really perked up my day. Coincidentally, when I got off the bus to go home, the rain had stopped and the sun was peeking out. Maybe I should have bought a lottery ticket???

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