To: Justin Trudeau

I’ve never done this before, but someone wrote something on FaceBook I liked so much, I’m posting it here:

Christiebiscuts Heinrich

March 13 at 2:53pm ·

As a life long Canadian Citizen, 2nd Generation of European Immigrants, born in, & lived in Canada my entire life, I wish to exercise my Right to Free Speech about the Well Being of MY Country. (I will attempt to be brief, but no guarantees! ) .

Re: Your comment “If Politicians & People are Uncomfortable with M103, let us engage in dialogue as a society…” .

Hmmm….FIRST, let me be very Clear—-Politicians do not come Before the People. We, The People, come FIRST! WHY? …because , We, The People of Canada, are YOUR EMPLOYERS! WE pay you to Protect us as a Nation, & to Manage our Assets & Resources. If YOU, & your team do not Perform those duties To Our Satisfaction—YOU WILL BE FIRED!.

SECOND: re ‘The Peoples’ Discomfort with M103…….

A—M103 DOES NOT conform to the Constitution Of Canada, with it’s basic Charter of Rights, M103 Does Not Include ALL Religions & Races….therefore is NOT LEGAL, & Can Not be allowed to address the supposed rights of only one Minority, without addressing those of ALL.

B—–Islam IS NOT A RELIGION. Islam is a Political Ideology using the Sham of Religion to ACHIEVE IT’S 1400 YEAR OLD GOAL: —–to Destroy & Conquer All Peoples & Religions that Do Not agree with it.

— It’s Barbaric methods are well known throughout History…and Modern day….Intimidate, control, Change, Rape, enslave, Murder, Mutilate, Torture….all methods Approved & Encouraged by their daily Prayers & Indoctrination of their people….starting with their own children learning with the mothers milk….Reducing women to “half human” status…..graduating to Violent jihadi Terrorists…..UNCOMFORTABLE? YES.

—-TODAY—Look closely at the current state of the countries in Western Europe & UK…..nearly destroyed by the continued “Invasion of Infidel Lands” as ordered by Mohammed in 700 AD….to continue the jihad against Jews & Christians until they are wiped from the earth with Violence & Hatred. Islam needs to learn to Control Itself Before it has the power to try to control anyone else.

Although You, Justin have converted to Islam, We, The People of Canada, DO NOT SEE Canada in the same vision that you see…..”through Your glass,….Darkly. ”

It appears that after only 17 months in office, that you Never had any Intention of Protection & Good Stewardship of The People, or Our Canada. ….you talk a lot, but Deliver Nothing.

I fully realize that I do not speak for All the People of Canada, …but…..I do know that a very large number of People Do Agree with me.

It may come as a shock to you that The Great Canadian Fringe is larger…& stronger than you imagined. You told us many times that Canadians have ‘No Identity”. WOW! …what arrogance!….did you not ever study History or Political Science? Obviously, only Drama Classes, eh? hmm……We, The people of Canada, can help with that!

For a very long time, Canadians have had a wonderful Reputation as great Peacekeepers. How did we grow that way? Yes, through diversity, & on the job. A Diversity that IS NOT our Strength, but the tools by which we Became Strong. And Strong we are. Strong in our Love for Canada. Strong in Patience, Kindness, Compassion, Generosity, Humility, Integrity, & GOOD CANADIAN (Judaeo Christian) VALUES.

But, now, on the Eve of Canada’s 150th Birthday… lieu of helping us to Celebrate our Strengths acquired from Peaceful Cultures across the planet, You would see us Destroyed by the only “religion’ on the planet that has vowed for 1400 years to kill or destroy, including all the Civilization & Evolution achieved by mankind in that 1400 years……SOLELY on the belief system of a Mentally deranged murdering pedophile & slaver from 700 AD, through the institution of Sharia Law…….a dictator’s system of abusing women & children, mutilation of women & girls to subdue them to sub human levels…a system of children & women as sex slaves solely for the pleasures of the males…

Since this Barbaric Cult has No Intention of Assimilating into any Western Democratic Culture, it would be in the best interests of ALL, that all who subscribe to sharia law Leave Now, voluntarily ……or, involuntarily…their choice. Those who choose to stay would be required to Swear an oath to follow all Canadian Laws within the Constitution, with *** the agreement that failure to do so, or, any intent to continue subversive activities,***** would be Deported forthwith.

14 year old girls in Nova Scotia, —Or Anywhere, are all God’s Treasures. They should never be used by Rape Gangs or sex toys. Since, You, Justin Trudeau, appear not to care about Anything bur your own Agenda, It is obvious that it would be in your own best interests to Resign as PM Now. To Dissolve Parliament Now, to preserve their & your small remaining amount of dignity.

There is no Integrity in the Liberal Party. Let it go, to rebuild itself into a party that truly cares More for The People, than itself… the Basic Rules of Canada’s Famous Peacekeeping Forces. !

“UNCOMFORTABLE”…….you bet your a— ! If you do not step up to the plate, & Be a Leader….(I am fond of Churchill, JFK, Donald Trump….), instead of a 60’s Hippie on pot, promoting Free everything..for those who vote for you. sad, really sad, for 2017; THEN YOU BETTER RESIGN NOW.

I have PURPOSEFULLY not addressed you as “Mr Prime Minister”, because I do not believe you have Earned that title….don’t know how?….start with Sir Winston Churchill.

**** NB—Amal Clooney, Human Rights Lawyer, Muslim, addressed the UN & said: *****”Isis Must be Destroyed”.***** Worth Believing.

We, The People of Canada, hired you. We, The People of Canada, CAN, & WILL Fire you.

Never, ever, in my wildest nightmares, did I ever think that I would spend my “golden years” fighting for the life of my Beautiful Canada….still the Best country in the world…..BUT, Someone has to make some changes. Who will it be? GOD, or Satan? Which one do YOU choose? (is the price of this beautiful land, plus your soul, enough, Justin, or will Satan want more from you?). your choice. GOD IS THE CHOICE OF THE PEOPLE OF CANADA. The Lord is Our shepherd, We shall not want…….



Maxine, of Alberta. *:) happy


Now I’d like to post what my husband postulated on his FB wall:

People are probably wondering why I am constantly railing against Islam. Like me, they know good people who happen to be Muslim. This is not in dispute.

So let’s play hypotheticals here. What if…

A Jihadists attacks you, unprovoked, and there is a moderate Muslim nearby. Will he aid you?

An Imam calls for your execution and puts a bounty on your head because you spoke the truth about your experience living as an Islamist? Will moderate Muslims protect you or report it to the police? Will the police do anything?

A jihadist threatens to kill you and your family, because you asked him to change the unsanitary lids he put on your coffees? Will the local police do anything? Will the RCMP take your statement?

And finally, what if the government in their zeal to make citizens more accepting of Muslims, has been suppressing ALL negative news about Islamists’ activities in your country?

Would this not be cause for alarm?

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