Some things can never be completely healed with time

45 years ago yesterday, October 17, 2016, the person who was more a brother to me than a friend, lost his life at the tender age of 18. He’d just graduated only 4 months prior, and had a lifetime of opportunities, travel, loves, friendships; so much to look forward to. When we’re young, we think tragedy will only happen to someone else; never us.How wrong we all were.

I don’t wish to harp on about how many lives were decimated by Frank’s untimely and senseless passing; I’d rather tell of how his life and how his love, kindness, caring, sense of humour, sense of family and his all around decency made him someone who, though he only lived 18 years, 2 months and 3 days, touched so many lives.

I know his family was never the same after that horrific night, and I feel regret that I was too immature to see past my own grief that I might have been able to lend comfort to his younger brother William as forever after he was the only child. I do know that William named his only son after his brother.

The impact Frank had on those fortunate enough to have had him, however briefly, in their lives was such that he will always be missed, and will never be forgotten. People like Frank come into our lives but once in a lifetime if we’re lucky.

I have been extremely privileged/blessed to have met, fallen in love with and married my husband Greg who embodies the wonderful qualities and virtues that made Frank who he was.

To honour Frank, Greg and I married on what would have been Frank’s 40th birthday, August 14, 1993. I can only hope Frank was there in spirit, for he surely was there in my heart, as he has been lo these many years.

Wherever you are, Frank, my brother, your memory will live on eternally in the minds, memories and hearts of all whose lives you touched. I can only hope you are with other loved ones who have also passed, and are happy and at peace.

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