Kathleen Wynne

First, I cannot understand how someone who has made it so far in life as to have won a majority as Premiere of Ontario can be so fiscally irresponsible. For her to have given the school board millions of dollars and not insist they be accountable as to how that money is being spent (i.e. providing receipts at the very least,) is (choose the appropriate adverb) let’s see, uh, dumb, stupid, idiotic, incomprehensible, reprehensible, moronic, unconscionable, foolish or how about simply irresponsible! Actually, I choose all of the above.

Next, what used to be a wonderful healthcare system for all landed immigrants and citizens has become a nightmare.

Services are continually being dropped, the latest being the loss of women’s breast exams as part of a routine and very important part of a complete physical. What, the Cancer Society isn’t getting wealthy enough; she has to send them more patients by risking even more women’s lives? And now she feels the need to play Big Brother and allow her government to snoop through patients’ medical records with no reason, cause or justification required? I plan to ask that all my medical records be removed from the computer and my records sealed, and my rights as a human being in what is clearly becoming an autocracy. Neither she nor her government have the right to neither endanger my health nor snoop through my records, for any reason, EVER, FULL STOP!!!

Next, I’d like to know why she’s not in jail, and why she has not been forced to resign as Premiere. Surely, if anyone else, ESPECIALLY someone in the party of the opposition were caught red-handed trying to bribe someone in order to keep them from running for office in order that their own candidate would be assured of victory, they would be in jail. But quizzically, she was never even charged, and the media simply dropped the story. Could it be, our once respected Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been perverted and are now her Reprehensibly Corrupted & Manipulated Puppets?

And finally, what has become of her math skills? It doesn’t take either a rocket scientist or a financier to realize that getting a one-time payment by selling a business, regardless of the amount, can never amount to as much as something which generates revenue continually. That said, why the hell does she keep selling of profit-generating business, only to piss away the money she claims will be spent in one way only to turn around and use it elsewhere? Then, when that money has been quickly exhausted, well, she goes and sells another, then another till eventually Ontario will have nothing left to sell. Even a child could the irresponsible stupidity of such actions.

Is it her goal to bankrupt Ontario and does she, deep down inside, truly hate our province and we who live in it? Or does she simply love to waste money, you know, like the millions she flushed on that cancelled nuclear plant debacle?

It might be wise (though you clearly are anything but) to remember you did not win because people voted FOR you, but because constituents voted AGAINST both Tory (who stuck his foot in his mouth at the 11th hour by saying he planned to fund all religious schools on our dime) and Tim Hudak, the other idiot who, also at the 11th hour when it was his election to lose, said he planned to sack thousands of civil servants, which would have escalated unemployment, thus causing a ripple effect which would have seen thousands of residual jobs lost and businesses ruined. When one person loses their job, it is just the beginning of lost revenue to many businesses. I will explain as you’ve more than proven you have no forethought nor any accounting knowledge. Let’s say Mona gets fired. First, she will no longer patronize the TTC or GO services.

Next, she will no longer purchase her morning coffee and muffin from the local coffee shop. She will also no longer be in need of a child minder, who will now also be out of work. She won’t be replacing her aging car, which she used to driver her children to their sporting, music or other extra-curricular activities. She won’t be purchasing petrol as often for her car, especially if she can no longer afford to keep her car. That also means she won’t be in need of a tune-up, replacement tires, oil changes, insurance or updated licence plates or her license. She won’t be travelling, so goodbye to the money she would have spent on a vacation, and all those industries, from airlines to hotels or resorts, to rental cars, souvenir shops, restaurants; all will feel the loss of Mona’s custom. She won’t be patronizing local restaurants, movie theatres, concert venues, ball games; and then there are the businesses within the businesses, i.e. the hotdog vendors at sporting and other events, the souvenir shops at these events, and so on, and so on.

So in closing, I just want to say, I hope and I pray, that Patrick Brown won’t go the same way. That next election, with your popularity at 18%, we won’t fondly remember the devestation you sent. Tat some of your damage may be salvaged or reversed, and Ontarians only hope your replacement won’t be even worse!

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