Is telling the truth negative? I don’t mean if a good friend asks if you like her drawing and it looks like the work of a four year old. I mean my view of life. To me, it’s cruel. For anyone to survive, we all must kill that which lives in order to survive. No, this can’t be avoided by eating plant life. It has been established that plants, grass, trees all have feelings. So, the only things we eat that don’t have to die are unfertilized eggs; hardly something which could provide the nutrients necessary for us to survive. And if you think about it, some species were only born so others could eat, such as krill. And some insects are born so they may get impregnated, give birth and die. Others are born so they may impregnate the female and then die…happy, I’m sure, but still die they must.

The only way not to feel too guilty is to ensure that that which we eat has some kind of satisfactory life prior to dying, such as free-roaming chickens. That said, some chickens live so they may lay the eggs we eat, but recently Marketplace* did an exposé which told of how chickens live in an extremely small cage with many other chickens, never seeing daylight, feel air other than that which is circulated in the confines of the facility which houses hundreds of cages. Then there’s the cruelty of how other animals such as pigs are kept in cages so small, they can only stand facing forward so they can eat the slop on the other side of the cage. They can never lie down or turn around and as such go insane. If looked at from a practical stand point, one has to ponder how good the quality of this pig product can be for consumption.

I’m only saying, other than humans who are not born to be another species’ substance, (cannibals aside) as we cannot escape having to kill in order to survive, the least we can and must do is treat that which gives us life, with respect until I becomes our meal.
*A Canadian Investigative consumer program which deals with important issues facing people on a regular basis.

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