Government & Church sanctioned murder

After seeing the news this afternoon, I was horrified by the murders of 50 people and the wounding of more than 50 others. My heart goes out to those who are gone, to their loved ones and to those who may be next.

What’s troubling is the hypocrisy of those religious and community leaders who are also to blame, as they sanctioned the hatred that drove this man kill. In fact, to my mind, they gave him the license to buy his weapons. How? By allowing business owners to deny serving people due only to their sexual preference and gender identification.

These people are just as full of hate as this murderer. They use God and religion as justification for their intolerance for anyone who dares to be different, to dress differently, pray differently, choose their partners differently. By making transgender people use other washrooms than others, they are doing the same as those who, only a few years ago, put up signs over washrooms which read Whites Only. By not selling wares to gays is the same as, back in the day, not selling to Jews, or the Irish, or the Italians, etc.
Well, God is most assuredly NOT on your side. And you are not doing his bidding by denying anyone the right to be, live, pray, dress contrary to how you believe they should.

I can only hope that when this monster is imprisoned, he is put in the general population, and is treated accordingly by his fellow inmates. And when they finally carry out his death sentence, I hope he dies slowly, painfully and with as much suffering as he’s inflicted on the families and friends of these victims.

On the news they were trying to find out if this hate-filled man had any ties to any terrorist groups. I say he does, but not Al Quida, and not ISIS, but a homegrown terrorist group; those who are homophobic and allowed to act on that legally. They strike terror and fear into the gay community as surely as those who belong to the aforementioned terrorist groups.
In Canada, the federal government has deemed it illegal to discriminate against those who are gay or transgender. As long as they name individual groups against whom it is illegal to discriminate, they leave the gates wide open to legally hate anyone not on that list. As one who was treated with animosity owing to many reasons; my weight, my family’s religion, and in the early ’60’s, my mother having been a divorcee, the only way to prevent and stop people from sanctioned bigotry is to make it illegal to be prejudice against ALL people, full stop.

As for those hypocrites feigning disgust at today’s events, you aren’t fooling anyone. You share in the guilt which led to today’s happenstance. The walls of intolerance must be torn down, as hate begets hate, but only love and acceptance build bridges.

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