Isn’t this prejudice?

On December 12, 2014, a man blew through a stop sign, and as I didn’t have one and was about to continue past the side street, I could not stop. I collided with the left rear fender of his truck, which caused my car to spin around, leaving it facing southwest, though I had been traveling east.

I was contacted by the insurance company, and the agent told me I was entitled to a certain amount of physio for any injuries sustained. Long story short, the money ran out; sadly, the pain didn’t. I was advised I’d have to sue the insurance company as they felt I was classified in a particular category of those not all but dead.

They then had me go to one of their preferred (in their pocket) psychiatrists as well as have a physical exam, again by a doctor in their employ. Well, I guess I needn’t tell what the results were; I’m fine, or I’m faking or whatever b.s. they were paid to say.

So here’s my biggest problem; the insurance companies are prejudice against those making a claim. Prejudice is when one is feels that as there are a few bad people of any given race, culture, religion, whatever, that the entire population of that race, etc. is the same. So if, say someone knows someone of a race and that person is a thief, then all who are of that race are thieves. Now we are in the year 2016, where even the appearance of prejudice makes people get so defensive they don’t hold anyone accountable for fear they are being singled out.

Then how is it that when an average of 15% of those making claims against the insurance companies are trying to defraud them, that they paint the other 85% with the same brush? I don’t believe one rotten apple spoils the barrel, as the one apple doesn’t affect at least 95% of those surrounding the apple. As such, 85% of claimants are being honest, yet we are all being viewed as being dishonest.

In my case, my injuries are not quantifiable, in other words, they don’t show up on X-rays, there are no broken bones, bruises, etc. But that said, the insurance company, though they’ve little other than my word to go on, must occasionally take a leap of faith, and in my situation, it’s my word against their suspicions. As I have never been in this situation prior to some bozo having run a stop sign as I was approaching and did not have a stop sign, I could not stop before smashing into the back rear side of his truck. My air bag deployed, my seat-belt totally lost its elasticity and the car ultimately was a write-off. The other party called police, and told that my airbag had deployed which only happens in serious collisions, that my lip was hurting due to being hit by the airbag.

Sadly, our local constabulary did not deem this worthy of their presence, and even went as far as to tell the other driver not to bother exchanging information there at the scene but rather at the reporting centre. Are there really any police who are ignorant of the fact that once an airbag is deployed the car will no longer run? So had I not gotten this chap’s information, and he just drove off, leaving me in the middle of the road alone w/ my now-deceased car, he could have just continued driving and I’d have never known who he was. Yes, I took down his license, but with no witnesses, he could have denied the whole accident. Fortunately I did take some of his information and he did go to the reporting centre, where it was decided that he was wholly at fault.

Naturally, for all the monies we’ve paid over the past 25 plus years to the insurance company, they didn’t even give us replacement value for our totalled car. And now when I tell them in all honesty that I still have a lot of pain in my back, in my rib which hit the steering wheel and my hand which was pounded on the stick shift, they send me to their own bought and paid for physicians who would no longer be contracted by insurance companies if they told the truth; that many people are not lying about their injuries. These doctors have forsaken their Hippocratic oath in favour of the all-mighty dollar, and say whatever they have to in order to ensure they will be kept on the insurance companies’ payroll.

So next week, at about 7:15 a.m., a car, hired and paid for by the insurance company will drive me across the city for an 8:45 appointment with yet another bought and paid for doctor who will try to find something tangible where there is nothing they can show directly that I do have a lot of pain. The insurance company will be thrilled and deny my claim. Then I must go back to my lawyer and continue to sue for treatment. I’m told to do certain things which the insurance company will view as being the correct action in order to try to get them to pay for my treatment, but I don’t wish to play their game. I’m supposed to have money paid for physio, but once they’ve shown me what to do, why waste money which could be spent on actual treatment, i.e. chiropractic when needed and massage? Even if I did play their game, the only winners are the insurance companies and the lawyers.

In fact, my lawyer told me that this is the game played in each case. So think about how much money they waste hiring doctors who are paid to lie, and yes, I mean out-and-out lie, as the lawyer told me someone could have 1 ½ feet in the grave and still they’d deem that person as fit for work. And a perfect example is the time I went to see one particular doctor. And how much is paid to have me chauffeured to the other side of the city, as I guess they don’t have any doctors on the payroll in my neck of the woods.

I have an allergy to bright lights, especially florescent. Well, he proceeded to have me lie down, and my pain is when I sit up as it puts a lot of stress on my back. He had me rise and turn over, and the pain was so bad I was in tears, but tried to hide them. He then had me sit up and poked my sore rib so hard I screamed and was crying even more. As I normally don sunglasses to shield my eyes from the brightness of the florescent lighting, I had to remove my glasses when I was crying and didn’t put them back on right away, as office was not very brightly lit. So in his report, he told of my pain, of how I cried, but tried to make out that I was a liar as I didn’t put my sunglasses on immediately after having to remove them. He never mentioned how dark his office was, or that I had them on when I was in the other, brightly lit offices. So the insurance company looks at that one erroneous statement and that’s all they need to say “aha, we knew she was a faker, so no more treatment for her.” I only wish I had been standing when he jabbed me in the rib, as maybe my reflexes would have been activated and I might have kneed him somewhere that would have made him cry.

I do as much as I can of my daily activities and sometimes I do too much and am in so much pain I spend the next day on my heating pad. Of course, they don’t see that; they only see that I am ambulatory and thus must be totally full of crap. What they don’t see is that I cannot lift our heavy vacuum cleaner and have not vacuumed in months, and how hard it is to do anything where I must lift or bend. They don’t see it as they would rather turn a blind eye to the fact that most people are not liars, are not trying to rip them off, and those who do are most proficient at it and likely don’t and will never get caught. But as is too often the case, we are all painted with the same brush, and the innocent go untreated while the guilty go unnoticed, unchecked and unpunished.

Not that I wish anything bad to ever happen to anyone, but maybe these insurance people should keep in mind that someday they might have an accident…and karma’s a bitch!

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