Why is this so difficult…and expensive?

Last week, a lovely lady who is my neighbour knocked at my door, and when I answered, she was visibly upset. A couple of years ago, she lost her dog Blu, and now she’s had to put her other dog Harby to sleep. She lives alone and the loneliness is intolerable, so she asked if I could help her find two dogs in need of a new home. I said I would do everything I could, and my husband and I began our search.

I cannot believe the cost some places are mean, no other word comes to mind, so yes, mean enough to charge. I’m seeing 10 year old dogs costing $350. Really? Do they not realize the cost of an older dog, how often they are in need of very, VERY expensive medical care for years to come? Not just that, but the cost of yearly physicals, flea and heartworm treatments throughout the warm months, food, etc. I am nonplussed not to mention disgusted as it’s obvious these people don’t give a toss that these lovely beings are being treated as criminals. Too often, through no fault of theirs, these loving dogs are being surrendered, taken from the warmth of their beds and homes, put behind bars in a cold, loveless shelter, walked maybe twice daily, fed likely the cheapest crap as these shelters are run on a shoestring budget, and when an opportunity to give them a new home comes along, they are too often denied as the costs involved with rehoming them are prohibitive.

What the hell are they thinking? Is it better they stay in a cage? Is it better that, in some instances, they be put to death rather than these greedy, heartless no-minds come down in price to ensure these sweet, sad, lonely, lovable, loyal, once-pets who are in the last stages of life be deprived of a loving home in which to spend their last days?

I saw a couple of dogs who would have been perfect for this sweet lady, but the cost for someone such as she, who is a little older and on a fixed income, is definitely out of her price range. So she’s still looking, we’re still looking and these two sweet dogs, who could end up being separated, which in and of itself is heartbreaking, are being kept apart.
The want of money is truly the root of ALL evil. These greedy monsters are just that…monsters. I hope when they become old, they are thrown into some nursing home where the staff views them as numbers, not once-vital parts of society now too old to be useful or wanted, and maybe they’ll have nightmares of the deeds for which they were once responsible, the love and loving, safe, warm homes they denied these innocents of in the twilight of their lives, both bipeds and quadrupeds alike.

Shame on them!

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